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Copy of Welcome to the Phonics Workshop

No description

Rachel Dean

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to the Phonics Workshop

Welcome to the Phonics Workshop
Why Phonics and what is it?
An effective multi-sensory approach to learning to read and write.
Taught from Nursery right through school
Is proven to help develop skills
Takes into account all aspects of letters and the sounds they make
Gives children the skills to be independent learners
6 basic skills
learn letter sounds
learn letter names
learn letter formation
learn how to blend
learn how to segment (these skills are reversible)
read and spell tricky words
How can you help?
Reading at home

Phonic Wallets

Pointing out print in the environment

Practice writing

Enjoy Reading!
Your turn
It iz tiem too gow hoam
sed v kator pilla. But iy
doat wont 2 gow howm
sed th butt or flie.
Iy wot to staiy heyr.

Phonics is the link between letters and the
sounds they make.

To hear separate sounds in words


cat dog pet chat fish
What is Phonics?
Use videos to help

Phonics packs
Letter names and sounds
Teach letter names and sounds together.
Blending and Segmenting
Letter Formation
Digraphs and Trigraphs
Two letters that make one sound. ai, ee, oa, sh

Three letters that make one sound. air, ear
Phonic Screening
At end of Year 1 and Year 2 short phonic test.

Children will be asked to read words just like phonic sessions.

paid, dat, see, poad

Not a reading test.
Tricky Words
Teach with letter names.
Blending gives children skills to read
Segmenting gives children skills to write.

These skills are taught together
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