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Violet Harmon

No description

Renee Wade

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Violet Harmon

Violet Harmon
By Renee Wade
Who Is She
Violet Harmon is a teenager who just moved to Los Angeles with her mother Vivian and her dad Ben.
She lives in this mansion that her mother and father bought very cheep. Cheeper than usual. They notice that the house is a Murder House.
Her Death
Violet died by having major depression. She took to many pills and had overdosed. Tate tried to save her. But it was to late.
Who Is Tate?
Tate Langdon is a boy that is one of Violets fathers paitents. (He is a physciatrist.) Violet and Tate end of getting together.
Their Love Life
How they started dating? Tate asked her "Hi, Im Tate I'm dead wanna hook up?" She obviously said yes.
They then started hanging out repeatidly.
Go Away Tate
Violet then later found out that Tate raped her mom. She is devastated he is truley sorry. But she just wants him to go away. Tate told her if she wants the monsters to go away just close your eyes and say go away. They will then leave you alone. She then yelled at Tate "Go Away Tate. Go Away!""Your all I want your all I have!" He then disappeared. Not knowing where he went she went on to her usual life.
Who are the MONSTERS?
Well first if you die in this house, you CANNOT leave. There is just something about the house that makes you that you cant leave.
The monsters are people who have died there. They all live in the basement. There are the good ones like Tate. But then bad ones too.
Her School Life
Her life at school was hard. She underage smokes. She did not know that there was no smoking on campus so she was smoking. One of the more popular girls stopped her and told her that there was no smoking. so she smashed it with her foot. She exploded. Her aunt died of lung cancer. So she hated cigarettes. She picked it up. And then told her to "EAT IT!" They were in a small physical fight but then she got away.
She wanted payback so she knew she done drugs and invited her into the house. And took her to the basement and Tate had one of the bad monsters to scare her. Violet did not know Tate was going to scare her that bad. Tate just told her that it was himself. But he lied.
How Violet found out about Tate's death
It was haloween night and Tate and her were on the beach when a whole bunch of kids came up to them and chased them. They chased them back to the house. But when he went inside Violet waited outside and they said "Dont you know what your boyfriend did to us." "No." Look him up and a bunch of articles will come up I bet. They were all right. She thought how could he not tell me.
Why Violet wanted to live in that house.
When Violet and her parents moved into the house she asked one single question. And then she automatically wanted the house. And they took it. She loved the basement. Violet was a odd duck.
Violet and People she interacted with.
Thanks For Paying Attention
Taissa Farmiga
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