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Desigual Undies Party

No description

Georgia Pulford

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Desigual Undies Party

Desigual: The Company
Desigual Undies Party
Socia Media
Desigual is a brand specializing in casual clothing that was originally set up in 1984 by Thomas Meyer.
The brand sells a range of clothing for both genders.
First set up in Ibiza where Thomas Meyer began selling t-shirts and recycled denim jackets.
The company headquarters are found in Barcelona
It is a global business with stores located across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia.
'Atypical since 1984'
The Desigual Company pride themselves on their 'Atypical Marketing' techniques
They have carried out a range of extravagant campaigns over the years that have managed to create a buzz for both their consumers, the local media and for themselves as a company
Desigual takes a particularly creative approach to marketing their products
Examples of the atypical marketing campaigns Desigual have carried out over recent years include the 'Kiss Tour', a variety of music events and the 'Undies Party'
The Advertisement
Used social media to enhance a wildly popular offline event
Created facebook events to promote their events
Increased awareness for its Undie Party with Social Event Facebook App, Friend2Friend.
Through App, fans could invite Facebook friends and RSVP on Facebook events to each store’s party
Event received major publicity in local press
Become a recurring event for Desigual.
Media Buzz
Shows how innovative and daring events can provoke consumer buzz
Seen “strong international growth with revenues increasing ten-fold in the past five years”.
Their events are positioned to gain media attention and provoke social media discussion.
Social media site WaveMetrix captured the social media response to the “Undies Party” in New York and a “Kissing Party” in London.
Found that the Desigual branding events successfully encouraged discussion
Progress in the Desigual Event
301 people arrived at the first 'Undie Party' event with the hope that they were in the first 100 in the queue
The event created a hype amongst communties with some people beginning to queue as early as 1.00am
The event has doubled with the amount of attendees at each 'Undie Party' that Desigual Stores have held

Buzz Created by event
The Undies Party
The aim of this particular campaign was to 'Arrive half naked - leave fully dressed'
Desigual therefore offered out one of their stores to the first 100 customers who arrived in their underwear to the event
These consumers were then given an opportunity to pick out one top and one bottom to create an outfit of their choice
The company has hosted Undies Parties all over the world in major cities.
These include LA, New York, London, Berlin, Prague, Asterdam and Madrid
Consumers want a Desigual event in their area
Consumers love the range of clothing and the fact they can shop online
Negative feedback from people who are not able to shop online in their countries i.e. Australia
Buzz created from London and New York "undie" events
The value of the outfits may exceed over $1,000 per participant and for those who do not make the first 100 recieve a 50% discount on their purchases for the rest of the day

In additon to Desigual's method of 'atypical marketing' they also use marketing methods through customer interaction through social networking sites
'Desigual Undie Party in Instagram with Instagramers'

1) Have an Instagram account
2) Submit signifiers of Desigual
3) Use hastags such as '#undieparty' or '#desigual'
4) The three pictures with the most likes will get a special pass for a guaranteed for the 'Undie Party' and get a free outfit

Due to the marketing Desigual has chosen to use the success speaks for itself, Desigual has sustained growth greater than 50% and employs 3,000 people from 83 different nationalities

Desigual has 7,000 multi-brand stores, and has an average turnover figure of 440 million Euros

the success that Desigual as a clothing brand has experienced shows that using a more controversial method of marketing can lead to great success, more compared to some tradiutional marketing campaigns

new ideas?
more events?

more international stores?
What next?
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