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all about me

page michaela lassiter

page lassiter

on 28 April 2012

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Transcript of all about me

Page Lassiter my best friends are Leanna, Cassie, and Tina im not very nice about what i have to say ok.. fine im NEVER nice preps
being cussed at
being pushed away
two-faced people (i mean really how many faces can one person have??)
and much more that im too lazy to type.... what i hate: im not the tallest person.... ok..fine... im like 5foot a strong women is one who can smile this morning like she wasnt crying last night
life sucks... then you die
men are like roses.... you have to watch out for all the pricks words to live by: page is short some of us think holding on is what makes
us strong but sometimes its letting go Love can sometimes be magic.
But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion. Grandpa Kellam R.I.P: forever in our hearts and always in our minds <3 judge me? ill proove you wrong
tell me what to do? ill tell you off
call me a b****? ill SHOW you one
say im crazy? you havent seen anything yet.. love is giving someone the power to destroy
you but trusting them not to by zach im the type of girl who will burst out laughing in the dead silence because i remembered something that happened a week ago theres nothing i do better than revenge(; a relationship:
only for two but some people dont know how to count God saw him getting tired a cure not meant to be so he wrapped hisarms around him and whispered "come with me" must be the redhead in me(: love you guys!!
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