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Language of Persuasion

No description

Jamie Good

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Language of Persuasion

Language of Persuasion
Making someone want to buy something due to the hilarious content of the advertisement.
Convincing people to buy their product by telling them that famous people are using it as well.
Implies that everyone else is using it and so should you.
Beautiful People
Uses models to attract more people to buy their product.
Persauding someone
to buy your product by
offering them something
Using scientists, doctors,
or professors to prove that this product is safe to use or is the best.
Uses repeated words, sounds, or images to reinforce the main point
Warm and Fuzzy
Uses sentimental images to provide comfort and happiness.
Plain Folks
Uses a regular person to
sell a product because we
can relate to an average person
more than an intellectual person.
Uses a firm, bold, strong,
persuader. Mostly used
in political ads.
Uses flattery to impress
you and try to convince
you that they genuinely
care about you.
Uses the idea that new
things are better than old.
Uses the 'Good Ol days'
technique to invoke people
to forget the bad parts of
the past and just the good.
Scientific Evidence
Uses charts, statistics, and graphs that we don't understand but make it seem like we do. Information is often misleading.
Uses words or images to bring
forth thoughts to some larger
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