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4th Grade Amazing Geometry

No description

ZD Student

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of 4th Grade Amazing Geometry

4th Grade Amazing Geometry Quadrilaterals: a four sided pentagon. square:A Quadrilateral that has four equal sides and four right angles. QUADRILATERAL: A POLYGON WITH FOUR SIDES RECTANGLE:A QUADRILATERAL WITH FOUR RIGHT ANGLES AND OPPOSITE SIDES PARALLEL AND ALL SIDES THE SAME LENGTH. Rhombus: a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides and all sides the same length. trapezoid: a qaudrilateral that has exactly one pair of oppisite parral sides. parallelogram: a quadrilateral with two pars of oppisite sides parallel sides pentagon:a polygon with 5 sides Hexagon: a polygon with six sides. Octagon: a polygon with 8 sides right angle:90 degree angle. acute angle:acute angles that measure less then 90 degree. obtuse angle: angles that measure more than 90 degrees. similar shapes: they have the same shape, but don't have to be the same size. congruent shapes: same shape same size.
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