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Greek and Latin affixes and roots

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Tulsi Patel

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Greek and Latin affixes and roots

Your Turn!
You are going to have the opportunity to investigate different greek and latin roots as well as affixes. Make sure to use the dictionary to double check your work!
Kilo- 1000
Meter- Measuring
Ped-Foot, feet
Tion- The action of

Greek and Latin roots and affixes
Roots are a part of the word that tells the meaning of the word.
Affixes are prefixes or suffixes are added to the beginning or end of a root word to change the meaning of the word.
For example:
Greek Root
-phon- (sound)
*telephone- distant sound device
Latin Root
-port- (to carry)
*transport- to carry across
Your turn! The Latin root -fract- means to break, what do you think the word fraction means?
Sentence starter: "I think fraction means___________."
Examples of Greek and Latin affixes

Greek Prefix
Auto- (self)
* autobiography- writing of ones life story
Latin Prefix
Dis- (not)
* disconnect- to not connect
Your turn! The prefix "Pre-" means before, what do you think the word preview means.
Sentence starter: I think preview means_________.

More examples of Greek and Latin affixes

Meter-(a device to measure something)
*speedometer- a device that measures speed

-able,ible- is; can be
*Likeable- is liked.
Your turn: The suffix "-tion" means act; process, so what does the word "election" mean?
Sentence starter: I think election means_______________.
Our goal
Our goal is to use Greek and Latin roots and affixes to figure out the meaning of words.
Greek and Latin roots/affixes help define words
More examples

Definition- Study of earth.
Definition- Sentence starter: I think telegraph means______.
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