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andrew sims

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of andrew sims

Nowhere to Call Home
chapter 1
father looses all of his fortune and he decided that he wanted to end his life

chapter 2
Francis finds out that the has to go live with her aunt and that the house was being sold

all of the servants were kicked out penniless and homeless

junius decides that he wants to be a bo and ride the rails

francis wants to ride the rails also
chapter 4
franis still wants to be a bo and is very frustrated that she has to go to her aunts house

she just thinks about how horrible her aunts house is gonna be and what she is gonna do when she is there

chapter 5
Francis leaves for her aunts house

she gets on the train and comes up with a plan

she gets full value back on her ticket

then she gets in a cab and once the redcap is gone she jumps out of the cab and runs
chapter 3
francis collects her personal items and gets packed for her aunts house

junis tells that he wants to be a bo and talks about riding the rails and gets francis hooked on it and now she wants to become a bo

Nowhere to Call Home
Andrew Sims
chapter 6
chapter 7
francis sees her first hobos when she sneaks into the train yard

she cuts her hair and gets boys clothes so she can look like a boy

she hops her first train

Francis meets stewpot a proffesional hoboer or a profesh on the train and they both eat her food that she brought
Chapter 8-10
she survives her first night as a bo
she decideds to travel with stewpot
they got there first job for a day
she meets happy joe and two girls named vera and dot
three people led by a boy named omaha red approach them with offers of food
Chapter 11-13
Frankie has belongings stolen by Omaha reds group
Frankie and stewpot return to the train yard to get on a train
Frankie hops her first moving frieght
Frankie bought her first knife
they got a plan set on where they are going
Chapter 14-16
Stewpot refuses to talk about Murph
they start too open up and tell things about themselves to one another
Stewpots teaches Frankie to whittle and shows her some of his creations
chapter 17-19
Frankie and Stewpot start to talk about things that are important to them and they start to open up to one another
Frankie admits shes a girl
Stewpots now very ill
they go to a flophouse and get bathed and fed and housed for the night
Chapter 20-22
Frankie and Stewpot head on their way to Seattle to get to a Hoovertown
Frankie buys lots of stuff for Stewpots cold and also gets food and warm clothing
Stewpot had a fever and woke up shivering furosiously
Stewpot and Frankie get to see the Rocky Mountains
Chapter 23-26
They arrive in Seatle and find Jack
Stewpot dies of sickness
they give him a burial
Frankie gets a ticket to Chicago and arrives at her aunts door and knocks on it
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