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Reasons Behind An Individuals' Decision

No description

Rhys Vance

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Reasons Behind An Individuals' Decision

Today we will
Analyse influences and reasons why people choose to use or not use drugs
Reasons people use and do not use drugs
Influences on drug use
Alternatives to drug use

Revision Questions
What were the three categories of drugs?
Reasons why some young people take drugs
to treat an illness
Reasons why some young people do not take drugs
Some drugs are illegal.
“Reason for drug use”
Positive alternative available in the Sutherland shire and surrounding areas that can achieve the same emotion/reaction
How it is achieved?
How it is accessed?

12 minutes to complete, and then a short presentation

Reasons Behind An Individuals' Decision
What are the alternatives?
In groups you are to find positive alternatives to drug use that are available in the Sutherland Shire and surrounding areas and explain why they link to your ‘reason for drug use’.
Group 1: ‘to experience something new’
Group 2: ‘adrenaline rush’
Group 3: ‘to escape’
Group 4: ‘to relax’
Group 5: ‘to have fun’
Group 6: ‘experiment’

Each group is to present there findings to the class

What are some of the effects of drugs?
as a form of relaxation
due to curiosity
due to parent or family use
as part of their culture
to be part of a celebration (for example, a party)
to experiment (for example, to try something new)
as an act of rebellion (for example, against parents)
due to pressure from peers, or to fit in with their peer group.
to improve performance
to cope with stress
to socialise with others
It is against the beliefs of their religion or culture.
Their family values and attitudes are against drug use.
They value personal health.
They are athletes.
They do not want to feel out of control.
There are age limits.
It is too expensive.
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