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2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake

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on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake

2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake
The 2011 Japan Tohoku Earthquake was a huge natural disaster, that will never be forgotten. It has left lots of impact on the people of Japan and on the country itself.
Before/After Photos
Two tectonic plates collided, one slided beneath another, the sliding of the plates caused the earthquake
When the tension was caused by subduction it suddenly released, and caused an earthquake
East coast of Japan
Impact on Honshu City and Tokyo
Pacific Ocean
March 11, 2011
Friday 2:46 pm
Lasted 6 minutes
9.0 magnitude
Over 15 000 people were killed, 5000 injured
Lots of people affected by nuclear power
Many people had to move and aid groups helped with that
Homes were broken down and ruined
Businesses were wrecked and people had no jobs
Schools were damaged and students had no education
Many people were injured or effected in a way but the could not go to hospitals because they were run down
Still not completely repaired
Government estimated 16.9 trillion yen of damage
The Japan Bank+OECD donated 4.7 trillion and they let the government do the rest
People had to move because they could not make money and properly survive
Many volounteers + NGO’s
Many countries near by helped including Canada, U.S.A, etc.
Japan was happy for the help and was gladly accepting it for the sake of a serious disaster
Many animals were killed
Nature was polluted, and fires caused
Nuclear spill caused major effects on the country
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