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Bruce Coville

No description

Jack Swanstrom

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of Bruce Coville

Jack Swanstrom Bruce Coville Grade 6 Mrs.Smith Early Life Born May16,1950 lived in Syracuse Ny He live around the corner from his grandparents dairy farm Education Attended Duke Unniversity Also attended NY Bingham When he was younger a lot of people that he was a funny kid Adult Life and Career He married a girl that lived down the street from him as a kid. He taught at Liverpool to teach theater He was a toymaker,grave digger, a assembly worker, and a writer. Other Works Space Station Ice Goblins in The Castle The Worlds Worst Fairy Godmother Quotes "I am ignoring, you in fact I think you are a figment of my imagination." Awards California reading medal 1996 1997 Childrens Choice Reading Award Summary of Battle Book My Teachers an Alien by Bruce Coville is a really cool book to read. Susan Simmons can tell her new substitute is weird but she doesn't notice how weird he is until she catches him peeling his face off. At first no one believes Susan that Mr.Smith is really that weird. but Peter Thompson was the only person to believe her. When Peter and Susan find out the terrible plans Mr.Smith has for the class. Find out the terrible plans for the class in My Teachers an Alien by Bruce Coville.
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