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Jack the Ripper\bloody Mary

read on your own risk!

Cyrill Schwan

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Jack the Ripper\bloody Mary

Jack the Ripper Between August and November 1888 in the East End from London he killed five prostitutes and garbled four prostitutes Killed his victims in Aldgate, Spitalfields, St-George-in-the-East and Whitechapel He wrote 3
messages He ate the bowels of his victims The five victims

Mary Ann Nichols date:31.8.1888
Annie Chapman date:8.9.1888
Elizabeth Stride date:30.9.1888
Catherine Eddowes date:30.9.1888
Mary Jane Kelly date:9.11.1888 His victims were prostitutes and females If you live in 1888
ATTENTION!!! he could kill well with the knife Bloody Mary killed 300 protestant people she lived from 18.2.1516 to 17.11.1558 born in Greenwich Queen of England and Ireland Queen from 1553 to 1558 dad:Heinrich the eight mom:Katharina from Aragon Family: Bastardbrother: Henry Fitzroy The other four childs from her parents died after the birth. The police never catched him!!! hi michi ( . Y . ) Questions: garble=verstümmeln
kidney=Niere Mary Tudor (1516–1558) Heinrich VIII. (1491–1547) Katharina von Aragón (1485–1536) Heinrich VII. (1457–1509) Elizabeth von York (1466–1503) Ferdinand II. (1452–1516) Isabella I. (1451–1504) pedigree When did Jack the Ripper kill his victims? Who was Bloody Mary? The English Myths and Legends (Blody Mary is
a drink too) How many people did Bloody Mary kill ? 1888 The Queen from England
and Ireland 300 people He described his murder. He sent a half kidney. He wrote to his boss, the devil. He wrote to the police. He wrote that it was a little game. He described the next murder. He wrote that he wanted to go to his "work" right now. Bloody
Mary The End with what for a wepon did Jack the Ripper kill his victims? A knife Infos
about the letters from Jack the Rippper
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