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Software Engineer

No description

Joel Wesseling

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Software Engineer

Software Engineering By Joel Wesseling What is software engineering all about? Software Engineers:
Apply principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis
Evaluate Commonly Found in the following industries:
Software Publishers
Federal, state, and local government agencies
Manufacturers of computers and
related electronic equipment
Communications companies
Engineering firms
Colleges and universities
Banks and insurance companies
Self-employment Course Work at Purdue:

-- Computer Science Core Courses --

CS 180 "Introduction to Programming in Java"
CS 182 "Foundations of Computer Science"
CS 240 "Programming in C"
CS 250 "Computer Architecture"
CS 251 "Data Structures"
CS 352 "Compilers"
CS 354 "Operating Systems"
CS 381 "Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms Concentrations in Computer Science Include: Information Systems Security Graphics Software Engineering Software Engineers work with:

Computers and peripheral equipment
Software systems
COMPUTER LANGUAGES!!!! (C, Java, C++, etc.) Steps of Development Work Environment:

Work on a team with several specialists


Cubicle, office, at home

Generally low key and casual

Work hard, play hard Preferred Degrees/Training:

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
or Software engineering

Experience, broad knowledge

Extra certification is available Challenging Aspects:

Getting along with teammates

Debugging software

Meeting deadlines


Projects often absorb free time or
time at home Job Outlook:

Projected growth per year: 3.8%

Average growth for all occupations: 1%

Number of new jobs per year: 32,100
Indiana Salary:

Avg. Starting salary: $58,500/yr -- ($28.25/hr)

Average salary: $84,500/yr -- ($40.50/hr)

Avg. Salary with experience: $99,500/yr -- ($47.75/hr)
Job Hunting:

Attend job fairs

LWSN events
Internships My Plans:

Internship with Sentry Data Systems
(Deerfield Beach, FL)

One more year of school

Get a job immediately
--Will be interviewing throughout Sr. Year

Backup Plan:

Database Administrator
Characteristics and Values:

Self-Directed Search: S.R.I.

Strong Interest Inventory: Conventional/Social
-- Basic Activities:
i. Playing/watching sports
ii.Participating in spiritual activities
iii.Working with computers
iv.Instructing young people
v.Working with numbers/statistics
-- Top Occupations:
i. Elementary School Teacher
ii. Parks and Recreation Coordinator

Holland code for Software Engineering: I.R.E. Helpful Qualities for Software Engineers:

Strong problem-solving skills

Ability to think logically

Creativity and an analytical mind

Communicate effectively with team members and others

Ability to concentrate and pay attention to detail

Willingness to keep up with rapidly changing technology through continuing education

DISCOVER website


Carol Paczolt (my academic advisor)

Dr. Bharat Bhargava
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