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HIstory of Soccer Cleats

No description

Alex Bellot

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of HIstory of Soccer Cleats

History of Soccer Cleats First Soccer Boots The first soccer boot was created in England in 1525 by Cornelius Johnson. He was King Henry VIII's personal shoe maker. The boots were listed in the Great Wardrobe of 1526 which was a shopping list of the day, which is how they became so popular. What Were The First Cleats Made Of? The firsts boot were made of a strong leather and were ankle high. They were heavier than many of the shoes at that time. To make their boots have more grip on the ground many people hammered nails or studs to the bottom of their boots. The Evolution Of Cleats What Did Players Use Before Cleats? Before cleats many players wore non cleats running shoes. Since the players had no traction on the ground while playing many hammered nail or studs to the bottom of their shoes. Many players also played plain barefoot, however today many players today still don't wear cleats unless an official game. Cleats were very helpful to all players. What Was The Price Of Cleats Back Then? The cost of soccer cleats by the 1500's-1800's was about 4 shillings which is equivalent to 100 dollars now a days. Now a days the price range of cleats varies from 50 to 400 dollars. Cleat Testing By: Alex Bellot People test the modern day cleat, Nike Mercurail Vapor Cr-7 III The Cleats Vapor Safari III's are being tested Now A days cleats have much more modern advances such as fly wire, rubber/grip, much more advanced leather such as kangaroo leather and kanga-lite, carbon fiber, they have become extremely lighter, and not to mention they have become much better looking. During the 1500's-1800's cleats were simply made of a strong leather material to form a boot, a few studs attached to the bottom, and plain laces. New Advanced Technology Fly wire added to give players more balance Carbon fiber plate to reduce weight and give more strength Rotation Studs to help the player make sharper turns New Kanga-lite leather to reduce weight to increase speed New rubber grip to help players control the ball better Little holes to help the foot breath New improved and reduced studs to decrease weight Glass fiber to decrease weight
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