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Lord of the Flies Chapter 2

No description

Kasia Neil

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Chapter 2

Question 3: How does this chapter relate to Golding`s comment on the nature of humanity?
By: Ashley & Kasia Lord of the Flies: Chapter 2 Bibliography Goldings comment on the nature of humanity States that there is a savage in all humans; a human being will do anything if put in the position to survive. Piggy's Glasses Plot Development Slowly shows how they are starting to become uncivilized without rules
They are careless with the fire and one of the kids is missing. This reckless disorganization has caused the "death" of one of the boys.
They lack respect for Piggy when he tries to talk
Jack tries to intimidate the others and act tough because there is no one of authority to stop him
Shows the slow changes within the characters and their attitudes and behaviors are beginning to change
Juno Beach was one of the 5 main landings on D-day. It changed Canada’s identity by giving Canadians pride and hope as it was the only landing that day that had great success. This victory over the Germans was a turning point in the war, which lead to the defeat of the Nazi’s. 14,000 Canadians stormed Juno Beach on D-day, unfortunately 340 of them died and 574 wounded. This was one of the biggest battles in Canadian history.
Canada’s participation in peacekeeping in the 20th century played a role by establishing Canada as a noticeable nation around the world. Canada is one of a few countries that the international community has turned to for peace support issues. After all a Canadian did make the term ‘peacekeeping’ popular in 1956. Canada has participated in many of peace support operations. People now think of Canada as a vested country who plays a big role in the peacekeeping community. www.veterans.gc.ca
http://www.lermuseum.org/en/canadas-military-history/1945-to-present/peacekeeping/canadas-role/ 1917 - Canada becomes Independent 1944 - Canada Gains Pride and Hope 1940’s - Women’s Rights Changed 1943 - Black Mark in Canada’s History 20th Century - Canada’s Peacekeeping Movement Characterization The boys, especially Piggy know that there must be specific rules and tasks in order to maintain order on the island.
He knows since there are no longer adults they need to remain disciplined to maintain civilization
Without rules humans become savage and disrespectful which Jack represents.
For example, he does not give Piggy a chance to speak and he does not take him seriously.
He pushes him around.
Piggy is ignored when he says the boys need to improve their chances of being rescued, however, Ralph, the more charismatic character, suggests the same thing and the boys agree that the signal fire is a good idea. Civilization vs. Savagery Ralph stands for civilization and leadership Ralph declares that, at meetings, the conch shell will be used to determine which boy has the right to speak Jack stands for the desire for power, and selfishness Piggy stands for the intellectual aspects of civilization Symbols The Conch Shell the conch shell becomes a powerful symbol of civilization and order
represents democratic power
stands for justice and equality (everybody has the right to state his opinion through the conch) Represent science
Lenses are used to focus the sunlight and start a fire The signal fire to attract the notice of passing ships that might be able to rescue the boys
Hopes of being rescued & the return to society
if the fire dies down they will no longer have hope of being rescued
island society’s link to civilization
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