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Inventions of the 1920s

No description

Liz Honnold

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Inventions of the 1920s

Inventions of the 1920s Hair Dryer 1920 1920 Traffic Light Band Aid 1920 Lie Detector Test 1920-1921 Tilt-a-Whirl Pop-Up Toaster 1926 1928 Kool-Aid *Walter Diemer

*"Double Bubble" 1927 Ice Cube Tray 1929 Frozen Food 1929 1923 By: Liz Honnold Q-Tips Combustion Engine Jungle Gym Bulldozer Cheeseburger Jukebox Bread Slicer Bubble Gum Penicilin Sunglasses Works Cited *http://www.buzzle.com/articles/inventions-of-the-1920s.html


*http://www.innovation-creativity.com/inventions-of-the-1920s.html *Alexander F. "Beau" Godefroy of France

*Vacuum cleaner *Leo Gerstenzang

*Observed wife wrapping a piece of cotton on end of toothpick- baby gays * William Potts

*Detroit, Michigan * Henry Ford

*New Jobs * Earle Dickson

*Gauze and Tape * Sebastian Hinton

*Lawyer from Chicago *John A. Larson

*Medical Student in California *James Cummings

*Dig canals *Lionel Sternberger *Charles P. Strite

*Minneapolis, MN *Herbert Sellner

*Faribault, MN *Edwin Perkins

*Official soft drink of Nebraska *Hobart C. Niblack

*Automated Musical Instrument Company *Otto Frederick Rohwedder

*The greatest thing since sliced bread *Lloyd Groff Copeman

*"On the rocks" *Alexander Fleming *Clarence Birdseye

*Birdseye Seafoods *Sam Foster

*Ray Bans-polarized sunglasses Eskimo Pie *Christian Nelson
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