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Element, Compound and Mixture

By Johnny, Charlotte, Jocelyn

Charlotte Liu

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Element, Compound and Mixture

Thank You
Johnny Lee
Charlotte Liu
Jocelyn Li Juice is a homogeneous mixture.
Juice is a homogeneous if it is mixed evenly and does not separate when it is left to sit.
When dividing the juice in half, the same amount of material is suspended in both halves of the substance. Knife is made of an element.
It is made of aluminum (Ai). It consists of only one kind of atom.
Element cannot be broken down into a simpler type of matter by either physical or chemical means Rubber eraser is a compound.
An eraser is rubber which is made of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, and zinc oxide.
It is made up by a pure substance of two or more types of elements (atoms) chemically combined in a fixed proportion Glass IS a homogeneous mixture.
It is basically frozen the structure of the precursor liquid in place.
(Ordinary window, and bottle glass is homogeneous mixture.
A lot of design and special art-formed glass peaces are heterogenous mixture. Like glass marble with swirls of color in it is heterogeneous mixture.) SUGAR Table sugar is a compound.
Sugar cannot be separate in to other substances physically.
Sugar is made up of carbon 6, hydrogen 12, and oxygen 6
It can be further subdivided into simpler substances by chemical means only. Iron is an Element with symbol Fe.
Pure Iron has the properties of magnetism and oxidizes rapidly.
It cannot be further subdivided into simpler substances by any physical or chemical means. Iron Nail (Screw) Oreo cookie is a heterogeneous mixture.
It includes cookies and the chocolate cream is between the two cookies. You can separate the cookies and cream physically.
A heterogeneous mixture is made of different substances that remain physically separate OREO Cookie JUICE KNIFE ERASER GLASS Cereal with Milk Cereal with milk is a heterogeneous mixture. it has cereal mixed with milk and the cereal did not spread out evenly and can be separate by physical means.
It composed of two or more components that are unequally (not uniformly) distributed though out the system, may be of different phase, unable to disperse through most membranes, and separable by mechanical means. Salt Table salt(sodium chloride) is a kind of compound. The the formula is NaCl. The elements that make up common table salt are sodium and chlorine.
Compound is a substance consisting of two or more different elements chemically bonded together in a fixed proportion by mass Aluminium Foil Examples of Element, Compound, and mixture Aluminum foil is aluminium prepared in thin metal leaves. It is a chemical element. It is silvery white, and it is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.
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