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Life Project

Learning French

s rich

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Life Project

Learning French Numbers in France Feelings Alphabets in French = Francais Alphabets Number:french/frannics:pronucation Sad=triste Where in the world is France ? Background information on France
Location:46 degrees north,2degrees east
Capital: Paris
Climate: mild
Agriculture:sugar,beets,wine,milk,beef,veal,cereal,and oilseed
5Main Cities : Paris ,lyon*,Marseille.Lille,Toulouse Learning French: Concepts: Alaphabet Fmily members Numbers 1-10 *is the same but pronounce differently * 36 vowels * 26 constants Dialects : they put more emphasize on their vowels and leave teir constant drop 0=zero = zay-roh 1= un= ahn 2= deux =duh 3= trois=twah 4=quarte= cat 5=cinq=sank 6=six=seese 8=huit=wheat 10=dix=deese Feelings Happy=heureuse Angry=fachee Worried= inquiet Nervous=nerveux Family membres : membres de la famillie Father:un pere /Husband :un mari Mother: un mere /Wife: un femme Brother: un fere Sister: un soeur Grandfather : grand pere Grandmother: grand mere Gran daughter:pettis fille Grandson: pettis fits Greetings salut =hi bonjur= good day bonsoir good evening/night (greeting = ) bonne journée=good day (farewell) bonne soirée=good evening/night (farewell) bonne nuit =good night comme allez vous = how are you formal bien =good pas mal= not bad ca va=how is it going (infoormal) oui ca va=it's going good ca va pas=not going au revior= see you later a bientot=see you soon Thought Question Why did you choose this learning experience ? The reason why I chosen this learning experience because I wanted to learn a new language. I find interesting to see how languages devoleped and changes over time. How does this connects to our school values ? KIPP Voyage : Learning french connects to our school values curiosity and persistence.This project connects to curiosity because you have to thirst for increase in knowledge. Also, persistence you had to keep going not giving up because it was hard. KIPP character strength : learning french connects to some of our our KIPP character traits.Which are grit and social intelligence. Grit is when you finish what you started. Social intelligence is how you commuincate with others How does this connects to your furture plans? I plan on beginning a forensic scientist or behavior analyse for the F.B.I.[why and how some one killed a person].Iwill have the social intellect to talk to another person that know french . IF I had more time time ? I would have study more. Do one on one with more guidance . Study their culture more . Done 60 hours
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