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Act 5

No description

Ms. Mc Caffrey

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Act 5

Learning Intention
Finish the play by examining the final act.
Act 5 Scene 1
After much ill feeling between Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio, Hero's innocence is established.
To make amends Claudio agrees to marry Antonio's daughter, without meeting her first.
Act 5 Scene 2
There is a happy moment of banter between Benedick, Margaretand Beatrice.
Don John's plot is uncovered.
Act 5 Scene 3
At Hero's tomb Claudio and Don Pedro mourn her publicly.
They leave to prepare for the wedding.
There are 17 scenes in the play.

Write a sentence describing the main events in each scene.

Highlight the main scenes in the play.

Label them - introduction, tension/suspense, climax, resolution.
Act 5
Much Ado About Nothing
Can you define the key words below.
iambic pentameter
Shakespearean comedy
Learn off by heart key words 'dramatic irony' to 'marriage'
Leonato struggles to come to the poinbt, he is a stereotypical old man impotent in his rage.
Benedick transforms from mocker of women to woman's champion, this makes him likable.
Claudio and Don Pedro's shame is sudden.
Claudio agrees to marry a fictitious and unseen cousin. Leonato's forgiveness is immediately noble and generous.
Claudio tries to redeem himself.
This scene shows Beatrice and Benedick's ease with one another.
It also shows the superiority of an honest relationship.
Act 5 Scene 4
At the wedding Antonio's daughter turns out to be none other than Hero.
Benedick and Beatrice agree to get married. Leonato grants Benedick's request. There is also a hint he knows he was tricked into love.
It is clear the merry war will continue beyond the altar.
Don John is captured and a happy ending ensues.
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