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Yang Sun

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of SUCCESS STORY

Our Talented Team
Success Stories of FY13
Be Globalized
Chee On WONG
Solomon XU
Success Delivered
Christina CHEN
Guo QI
Jesse Jiexi CHEN
Rex Zhao LI
Recent Joiners
Lily Lili JIN
A fantastic adventure to the Middle East!
Connected across the nodes, one network one team!!
global projects & global connection
An exciting journey to the middle east!
Won Inspire APAC Leadership Award!
wherever & whenever
Multiple projects at multiple locations!
Fighting in snowing mine, the cold weather, hot team spirit!
Without me, the CNOOC SRM may not function with the most updated versions!
Glad to be part of the team that delivers the critically acclaimed CNOOC SRM platform!
Amazingly, approval cycles are shortened from 33 days to 3 days!
Roger Songlin LI
Sandwiched between multiple projects and self-studying~
We eat, drink, and sleep “material standards” !
MDM Team
Embracing new challenges and relentlessly taking initiative to develop professionally~
Stacy Yue SHEN
Climb, climb and climb!! No end to the world of KPI!!
Violet Yang SONG
12 hours, 5 days, 20000 users, 1 call, 100% service level satisfaction!
Cathy Yang SUN
One theme from Huayi to SCCG: Work hard, Play hard!
Gigi Yanping SUN
I serve the team which serves the client!
Annabelle Dan TIAN
1 year, 2 clients, 3 cities, multiple knowledge sharing, abundant recognitions
Cherry Bailing ZHANG
John Shiqin ZHANG
Manage unexpected demands, control expectations, steady delivery!
KPI, BPM, ERP consolidation, all in 8 months
Kofi Yuzheng ZHANG
A year that builds strong and long-lasting trust with the State Grid team!
Julia Junyan ZHENG
New and fruitful journey at AHEPC with tons of funs!
Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance!
Lucia Jia LU
with splendid future waiting ahead
Focused on one industry, diversified business area, adventure!
Enjoy every seconds of this accelerated journey!
Ada Han YAN
From industry to consulting, a new change that rewards!
Joyce Jie ZHOU
For 3P-IPO and EPC, I am the man!
Alan Bing ZHOU
Bye bye MBS!
Hello Accenture!!
Veronica Jie LIN
New analyst with years of Accenture internship experience~
Vivian Suqian LIU
New journey, fresh start!
Neil Ning LI
From internship in CNOOC to a fresh journey with Accenture!
Elise Jiamian WANG
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