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Work shadowing prezi

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Student Financial Support Team

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Work shadowing prezi

Accessing info re the MAT
Monetary Support
The University Hardship Fund
Working with others
Monetary Support
Emergency short term loans
The University Hardship Fund
The University Hardship Fund
Money Advice Team website
Morrisons Vouchers
Considered for students who are part enrolled & struggling financially OR who have received their student funding, exhausted these funds and are exploring other avenues of support such as part-time work

a week for a single student

a week for a student with dependents

Check when student may be fully enrolled
Other potential sources of income explored first (e.g. bank overdraft, pt work, family support)
Last 1 month's bank statement (to determine if would be struggling financially without support) requested

NB - Only intended to be offered as a very short term measure
Non-repayable support
A fund that may be available to provide help for eligible full-time and eligible part-time students who have serious financial difficulties or whose access to higher education might be inhibited because of financial reasons.
For full-time students - designed to support students whose expenses (that we can consider) exceed their income.
For part-time students - students whose income is below set thresholds may qualify for support with specific course related expenses.

In both cases, an application is required and a means test of income and certain expenses is carried out to determine whether a student qualifies for an award. If they qualify, these awards are non-repayable.

Money Advice Team
Application form completed plus supporting paperwork
Possible referrals
Estimate of benefit entitlement ahead of a student starting university or whilst on course
Support in dealing effectively with creditors.
NB - If debt renegotiated, expense could potentially be considered in application to the University Hardship Fund. E.g. IVA payment, a debt management plan payment, credit card or store card payments where the interest has been frozen
Support in looking for part-time work, application and interview support

Money Advice Team support
Limited loans for students usually fully enrolled, awaiting student funding and struggling financially. Typically:

a week for a single student and

a week for a student with dependents

Student funding body contacted to ascertain length of time it would take to process application
Other potential sources of income explored first (e.g. bank overdraft, pt work, family support)
Last 1 month's bank statement (to determine if would be struggling financially without support), bank card (to set up future card payments) , uni card (to check enrolled) requested

NB - typically a maximum of 4 weeks worth of support available
in the first instance
After 4 weeks, determined whether further support needed
Repayable support
Monetary support
Online budget planners do the number crunching and take the hassle out of budgeting!
Strong advice on how students can increase their income and cut down their expenses
Helping students take control of their finances through our Money Management programme
For students waiting for funding or not sure they've applied for everything they can?
Talking points
Talking points
Talking points
Check student has explored other avenues of income such as benefits, part-time work/ expected parental support
Check student has explored most cost effective ways of managing debts (referral to SU if beneficial) and has explored minimising expenses

Non-repayable support
Careers service
Closing dates for application to the University Hardship Fund
Academic Registry
Fee reduction queries
Withdrawal/ intercalation queries
Training bursary - detailed queries
Scholarships - detailed queries
Clarification on student status
Info showing on HEBSS
NB - this voucher support is
not to be publicised to students
as it is discretionary support, based upon adviser assessment
Course student is studying Deadline for UHF form
Nursing/ Midwifery/ ODP/ Paramedic Practice - April 2016 start 3rd February 2017

Final Year Undergraduate Students 31st March 2017

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students 12th May 2017

PGCE students 2nd June 2017

Nursing/ Midwifery/ ODP/ Paramedic Practice - September 2016 start 2nd June 2017

Nursing/ Midwifery/ ODP/ Paramedic Practice - April 2017 start 2nd February 2018
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