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Celeste Lopez

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Timeline

Celeste Lopez

This image shows a few tools that were used by prehistoric artists to make art.
Brush 1 was made of horsehair
Brush 2 was made of a goose feather
Brush 3 was made of yucca leaves
The fourth tool which is a leather pad is filled with damp moss.
Dress Motivations
This is an image of my little sister for her 9th Birthday last year. She wore a clutch for utility to carry her lip gloss and money. She wore her jean jacket for protection because it was a bit chilly that day. She also wore sneaker wedges for personal expression because it boosts her self-esteem since she is short. Lastly, the type of clothing she is wearing shows modesty because she is covered up.
Dress Motivations
This is an image on me during my softball game. I am wearing gloves and a helmet for protection on the field. I am also wearing my orange socks to show group identification and to represent my team. I am wearing Softball clothing for utility purposes related to the activity that I am performing. I am also wearing this for personal expression. lastly, I am wearing Nike cleats and gloves which represents communication with symbols.
Body Art & Color Symbolism
This is an image of a young girl with her face painted on the 48th Annual Dominican Republic Day Parade. The painting of the Dominican flags on her face show cultural pride and she is representing her culture. The colors of the flag are Red,Blue and White. The color blue represents Liberty, the color red represents blood for the heroes and lastly, the color white is for salvation.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
“Ancient Craft- Stone Age,” Ancientcraft.co.uk,. 10 June 2015., http://www.ancientcraft.co.uk/Archaeology/stone-age/stoneage_art.html
This painting was painted using the tools that was made from horse hair and goose feather. This was painted about 100,000 years ago and meant human life.
Queens, NY Personal Photography by Celeste Lopez 3.June.2014
Queens, NY Personal Photography by Michael Harp 18.September.2014
48th Annual Dominican Day Parade Ben Franklin Parkway Sunday Sept. 26th
Body Art & Color Symbolism
Henna is a plant dye that stains the skin for a short amount of time. It is used in many indian cultures. It is used on females and it represents different things. For example, this image is a flower henna. Flowers are well represented in henna designs. They are said to mean joy and happiness and the bud, which is very popular in bridal mehndi, is symbolic of growth and new beginnings. The vines on my finger represent devotion and are must have at a wedding ceremony.
New Paltz, NY Personal Photography by Celeste Lopez 14.September.2014
Body Modification
This is an image of my step fathers tattoo. It is a tattoo that represents the lost of his younger brother. This tattoo has a lot of meaning to it. It reflects pain and emptiness that my stepfather now has since his brother passed away.
Queens, NY Personal Photography by Lissette Velez 3.June.2015
Body Modification
Reality star Angela Raiola also known as "Big Ang" from TV show Mob Wives has had multiple and major plastic surgeries in her life. This is an example of Surgical modification. She has had cosmetic surgery. Lip injections, her nose done, as well as breast implants. She has had these surgeries to feel better about herself and to gain self-esteem.
"Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures," LovelySurgery.com, 1o June 2015, http://lovelysurgery.com/big-ang-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-pictures/.
Ancient Egypt
(men) 3100 BC
Men during the ancient egyptian times wore a skirt that was wrapped around and was tied at the waist by a belt. The length of the skirt depended on the fashion at the time. For example, in the Old kingdom they wore it short while in the middle kingdom they wore it calf-length.
Some of the men were fortunate enough to afford the best linen. Rich Egyptian men also wore a lot of jewelery and decorated their clothes. They also wore headpieces on special occasions.
Ancient Egypt
3100 BC
Unlike men Egyptian women wore long straight dresses down to their ankles with one or two shoulder straps. Similar to men, depending on their status or hierarchy they wore headpieces, jewelery and also decorated their clothing.
This egyptian woman wore her dress with two straps.
Ancient Greece
800-146 BC
Men in ancient Greece wore chiton similar to the one worn by women by the the knee or shorter. They also wore a piece of rectangle fabric which was woolen or linen over themselves which was called the "himation". This piece of clothing was also worn by women.
Women and men clothing during this time was very similar. Women during this time were also expected to fully cover their bodies. Something that women favored was their headpieces. Only disreputable women wore bare heads.
"Headcovering Customs of the Ancient World." Bible Research by Michael Marlowe. Accessed June 9, 2015. http://www.BibleResearch.comheadcoverings3.html.
Ancient Rome
800 BC
In Ancient Rome
wore something similar to what the ancient greeks wore that was called the chiton but instead they renamed this clothing the "stola" which was a gown or dress. They also stole the himation which was the piece of clothing that went over the chiton. Roman women also wore they hair in my different styles.
were very similar to Greek men. They wore very similar outfits. Instead their clothing was longer. They usually had their haircuts very short. Their haircut today is known as the "Ceaser" which is named after Julius Ceaser.
Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez are still inspired today by the Roman hairstyles and Jewelery.
Medieval Europe
1000-1300 AD
Most people in the Middle Ages wore woolen clothing, with undergarments made of linen. Brighter colors, better materials and the longer length of clothing was worn by the upper class.
usually wore a cap that used to keep them warm it covered their ears and was tied underneath their chins. This cap was called a Coif Cap.
wore a modest head covering piece of clothing. It usually covered their necks but on top of it was worn with a small crown or circlet on the head. A very popular hairstyle that was worn was called the Rams Horn Hairstyle which was braids that covered their ears.
The Middle Ages
600-1000 AD
During this time men and women often dressed very similar. They both wore tunics which is known as the mantle. They both wore a similar belt called the Girdle, which was used as a pouch or used for weapons.
Similar to men, women also wore coifs. They wore it with the Tunics. This was a huge part of their daily outfits because if they did not wear it was considered a seduction.
Gothic Ages
Men wore a lot of robes during this time. Not only because they were a fashion statement but because it showed their status of hierarchy.
Women wore long gowns that had many different colors and textures. They also wore long headpieces similar to the coifs. The only difference was that these headpieces were very long.
Makeup played a very big role during this time period. It was used by Elizabeth Tudor. She used it to keep her face as pale as possible. She also used Red blush on her cheek bones.
Men during this time wore very high socks which were called knitted hose gritters. The short cloak was also very popular. Which was worn over their shoulders similar to a cape.
This is an image of a women in this time period wearing a ropa, which women wore around their necks as a fashion statement.
Women wore a farthingale which went under their skirts to make the skirt look big around the lower waist. It created a very unique look.
Italian Renaissance
Men wore many different hats. A popular hat was called "Flat Cap". They also wore Jackets and codpieces similar to what men wore during the Gothic ages.
Women wore very simple and softer style during this time. They did not just wear a dress but they wore two layer gowns. Lacing was very important to them because it created a way to fit the bodice to the body.
"Men's Fashion During the Renaissance." LoveToKnow. Accessed June 22, 2015. http://mens-fashion.lovetoknow.com/Men's_Fashion_During_the_Renaissance.
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"Bast the festility Cat Goddess" Carnaval.com Entry Page. Accessed June 9, 2015 http://carnaval.com/eygpt/bast/.
"Fashion in Rome" Ancient Rome Clothing. Accessed June 22, 2015 http://Fashioninrome.com/ancient/clothing.com/
Jennifer Lopez Cover Shoot. Accessed June 22, 2015. http://covermagazine.com/Jennifer-Lopez-Shoot.//
This is an image of Thomas Gainsborough who wore a more newer style. He wore a wide brimmed hat for protection. He also had cuffs on his sleeves, Breeches and Doublets which became popular for their fitting outfits. In this picture, Thomas is wearing a more formal attire. Which shows by him not wearing boots. The boots with this outfit was not considered "formal". Even though Thomas is not wearing his natural curly hair, it is something that became very popular for men to wear during this time.
Brimmed Hat
Women's fashion during this time also changed drastically. The clothing that they were unlike men was considered more stylish. They wanted to be seen as more seductive and less modest. Therefore, they wore Corsets and Bodices. They wore that to make their curves look more attractive and noticeable. They were considered "sexy".
"Formal" shoes
Bertha Collar
3/4 sleeve
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