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The history of showing pigs

No description

gracy sexton

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of The history of showing pigs

The history of showing pigs
Market classes
market classes are judged on how well the pigs are muscled with just the right amount of fat for better flavoring of meat and the pigs are placed from the best pig to the worst pig
What show pigs look like now
The history
Pig shows started out on farms where the owner and other pig farmers would gather to decide which pig had the best qualities for breeding.

A show is typically divided up into classes so that the judge can study fewer pigs at a time. The structure is made so that there are division champions and reserve champions and ultimately an over-all Grand Champion.
classes are divided up into three divisions Market hog, breeding gilt and showmanship
Breeding gilt classes
breeding gilt classes are for pigs/gilts that have the best breeding qualities and once again they are are placed from the best to worst
Old show pigs
Showmanship is judged on how well you can present your pig and how well you trained your pigs
Breeding gilt
Market hogs
Ideal showmanship
And that's all about showing pigs
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