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First Day


Tessa Potgeter

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of First Day

Mrs. Potgeter -4th Year teaching at Wayland
-Teach Early Brit Lit, Modern Brit Lit
-Grew up in Coopersville
-Went to CMU
-Have a wonderful husband and two awesome boys named Liam and Levi. I love to read, watch movies (especially comedies!), listen to music, and spend time with my family.
-I also like to be outdoors (weather permitting, we do live in Michigan!) and just being active. In this class I hope to teach you... How to: discuss listen apply skills think critically work with others appreciate be accountable However, I don't just want to teach you.
There is another reason I am here... and that reason is that I also care about you as a person, not just a student! I want this to be a good tri!! So let's make it a good one! by being respectful of eachother and making this classroom a comfortable and fun learning
environment!! so let's take a look at... the syllabus!! Liam R. Thomas Traditional Arts & Letters Objectives:
to expose you to:
other modes of expression from the Greek period up to the Victorian Age. Grading Procedures:
objective tests
written responses
All late work will be downgraded 20% for each day it is late Grading Scale- see hard copy
Homework: Expect to have homework! :) Rules and Expectations When the bell rings you are seated and ready
If you are not in your seat when the bell rings you are tardy
Be prepared!
RESPECT!!!! the teacher, others and yourself
No drinks, except water
No phones or i-pod's unless we are using them for learning purposes
All rules in handbook apply to my classroom as well!!
Dresscode- Keep it clean! I don't want to make you change your clothes, it is awkward for me too!! So dress appropriately :)
You get 4 hall passes from me per tri Early Brit Lit...
to expose you to:
literature and literary elements
historical connections
from the 12th century up to the Romantic Period
to prepare you for the ACT :) Attendance-Absences-makeup work
all excused and unexcused absences follow rules in handbook
if you are absent you are responsible for getting the work
if you are absent for 2 days you get 2 days to make up the work!
tests are taken the day you come back from being absent!!
Again if you are not seated and ready when the bell rings you will be considered TARDY!!
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