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Augmented Reality

What it is and how to use it in your library.

Gabrielle Annala

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Augmented Reality

Please Note Embed to Own App Augmented Reality What it is and How to Use it at Your Library Aurasma in Your Browser Using the App Making an Account Aurasma.com
Become a Partner Digital content appears only on demand
More info for those who want it, less clutter for those who don't
Gives the tech-savvy something special, and creates a learning opportunity to people new to smart phones/tablets Sporting Events Down markers in NFL Football Commercial Purposes Muppet Band Aids The Basics How To Other Uses At Your Library What is Augmented Reality? THIS WEEK @ MGPL Video Created with Animoto Augmented Reality is overlaying digital images onto the natural world through apps, websites, or other computer programs. Augmented Reality is the CONCEPT, not the program. Aurasma Allows developers to create content in browser
Users can subscribe to channels or create through the app
Content can be embedded into your app or used through Aurasma If you do not have an app, you can create a channel for users to subscribe to.
Download Aurasma (free)
Make an account
Subscribe to library channel Uses simple upload
Choose images and videos to display
"Trigger Images" can link to websites
Allows you to create content without program development skills. Vocabulary Trigger Image: the image that your camera scans

Overlay: What appears after image has been scanned

Aura: the completed trigger-overlay connection

Channel: a set of auras organized for user subscription Why different channels? Library events
Multi-media promotion
Class registration
A way for your users to find you
Basically, just to keep things organized. Boopsie Unknown if they support Aurasma

Channels will not be needed if you are embedding content into your own app. The Future Google Glasses Project Creating Channels means people have to subscribe to each channel to see all content. Similar to IFraming Scans images with smartphone and displays "hidden content" Free for non-profits; They will email you user name and log in info. (They pick your user name) Signs in alternate languages
Book reviews
Movie Trailers
Emergency Alerts
Register for programs from your flyers
Contests/Scavenger Hunts
Shelf Reading Apps
Library Tours
Other Ideas?
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