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Gateway Exhibition

No description

Alexis Cortez

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Gateway Exhibition

4) In P.E , I learned how to play different sports such as Badminton and Volleyball. I also learned how to have fun!

5) In Math, I learned how to factor an equation that is in quadratic form. I also learned how to work well in a team. College Preparatory Mathematics has helped me a lot when working with teams, I know how to facilitate a team and cooperate to get things done. My 8th Grade Year! 6) In Science, what I have learned is
what are chemical reactions. We did
a vinegar and baking soda lab, when
we mixed them together the bubbles
were carbon dioxide escaping from the
solution. I also learned that our Milky
Way Galaxy is the barred spiral galaxy.
There are 3 different type of galaxies
-barred spiral
-elliptical 7) In Life Skills Elective, I learned how to make
healthy life decisions. I also learned how to make paper marbling which is to dip paper into
water that was mixed with food coloring. I learned how to bind a book which is called Book

8) In Recycling Seminar, I learned that we should make the world a better place or at least our school a cleaner place. We make recycling fun and helpful to our school. 9) What I learned in UCLA
Community School is that we
shall not go down alone, if one falls
we all do. UCLA CS is where WE
grow together.

10) Last thing that I learned as a
student here in UCLA CS is that friends
are important, they are what builds
you to your future. I learned that
one must have a mentor in order to
have opinions or guide you based
on your career and/or life decisions. by:Alexis Cortez 2) In History, I learned that the Battle of
Gettysburg was the bloodiest war in the
history of America. I also learned that
Abraham Lincoln was the first anti-slavery
president to speak up for the slaves. Then
11 states went against the Union, which lead
to the Battle of Gettysburg. The 11 states called themselves the Confederacy. 1) In Advisory, What I have learned
is to read for a long period of time,
What I also learned is our core competencies, which are ways you can become a great scholar. Such as doing simple things like copying down your homework on your agenda, and doing grade checks weekly. 3) In English, what I had learned was to
write poetry. Another thing that I had learned in English was how to cite.
"The girl on fire..." (pg ?) .
Also in poetry I learned that there's no rules and in poetry feelings are in the form of writing.
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