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Assistive Technology

No description

Summer Fahrenbrink

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Assistive Technology

Why Consider AT?
It can help students...
Learn current content
Elaborate in ways they weren't able to without AT
With comprehension
Do things that the student wasn't able to before AT
Who Implements AT?
They are responsible for

Maintaining equipment
How AT will be used in different contexts
Contact person for coordinating efforts
Monitoring and evaluating AT
What is Considered Assistive Technology?
Pencil Grips
Helps with low muscle tone or immature pencil grasp patterns
Assistive Technology
Why Should Teachers Consider AT Devices and Services?
Devices and services can be the same and different
They can both be used to assist students with disabilities
Devices can offer things that services don't and vice versa
Many of the devices already in the classroom can become AT with different services offered
In Practice
As a seventh grade language arts teacher what information should you gather ahead of time regarding a student's AT needs before an IEP meeting?
What different AT devices and services are available?
What strengths and areas of need does that student have?
What strategies have already been tried?
What is that student's level of functioning?
The IRIS Center. (2010). Assistive
Technology: An Overview. Retrieved from http://iris.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/module/at/
Tape Recorders
Helps record and play back classroom activities
Word processing, Internet browsers, email, electronic text to support learning
Help copy, align, and compute math problems
The Implementation Team!
What is your role in the AT implementation and evaluation process as a general education language arts teacher?
Performance data using classroom-based content related to the student's expected performance
Gaining student feedback on the AT
Observing to make sure the student is using the AT and is engaged
By: Summer Fahrenbrink
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