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Walter Iooss Jr.

Walter Iooss Jr. and his contribution to sport photography

Dorothy Bell

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Walter Iooss Jr.

Walter Iooss Jr. Walter Iooss Jr. was bornMay 15, 1943 in Temple Texas and later moveed to New York City Walter Iooss Jr. is most famous for his work in Sport Photography with Sports Illustrated magazine and swimsuit modeling Iooss has attended all 43 Super Bowl games and many Olympics and other major sporting events. Walter Iooss Jr.'s first "big break" was his photograph of former Phillies Pitcher, Art Mahaffey Most of the art you will see is on display at the Newseum in Washington D.C. in the exhibit Athlete. A while after he became a pioneer in sport photography he took a few pictures for Camel Cigarettes. Iooss Jr.'s first professional "sport shoot" was taken when he was 17 at a Giants vs. Cardinals game. Iooss Jr. took pictures of professional atheletes training for the 1988 olympics and later they were published in a book titled Going for the Gold He also traveled to places like Cuba and Thailand to take pictures of children playing sports like kickboxing and stickball Michelle Kwan Alot of his work is spontaneous but very artistic at the same time which makes him stand out. Walter Iooss Jr. Iooss Jr. is most recognized for his outstanding work in sport photography. He has attended several olympic games and all 43 super bowls. He first worked with Atlantic Records and shot photos of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Aretha Franklin His first experience was at a Cardinals. Vs. Giants game btu his "breaking photo" was of Phillies pitcher Art Mahaffey Iooss Jr.'s work has appeared on over 200 Sports Illustrated Magazines Walter Iooss Jr. tried several angles with sports which caused him to take some of the most interesting shots of any sport. Iooss Jr. shot athletes training for the Olympics and published his work in a book titled Going for the Gold. Iooss Jr. Has traveled all over the world to remote places like Thailand and Cuba to shoot photos which he stored in a book called Athlete Much of Iooss's work is considered "lucky" photographs because the lighting conditions of his work area made his photography extraordinary Iooss Jr. was inspired by sport photographer Neil Leifer who also made his debut by shooting sports from weird angles and catching "spur-of-the-moment" photographs. Many of Iooss Jr.'s photographs look staged however they're not. He just had great lighting, a good depth of field and a creative mind. Much of the work of Iooss Jr. captivates the audience because many of his pictures display courage, bravery, and happiness. Though none of his artwork was meant to be surreal it was so abstract that it greatly captured the eyes of the audience. Artwork like his photograph of Michael Jordan became famous because the viewer doesn't really know where to put his/her eye. Iooss Jr. enjoys having extreme contrast in some of his shots like this one of Muhammed Ali Iooss Jr. was also famous for taking great headshots of athletes. Many of the facial expressions these atheletes have in his photos portray their personality Iooss Jr. is has won several awards and you can find a display of some of his best art in the Newsuem in Washington D.C. in the exhibit Athelete The End!! Bibliography:
http://www.trueknowledge.com/q/walter_iooss_jr._biography Iooss also photographed models for Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions Iooss Jr. has also published several books. Many times viewers are so fascinated by the pictures they forget to actually read the words.
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