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Reading talk presentation

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maxie mendez

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Reading talk presentation

Reading talk presentation
By: Maxie Mendez
A child called "it"
One of the most serve child abuse cases in California history
Why I chose to read this book
How this book impacts on who I am
Going to school to pursue my career in being a children's psychologist
By: Dave Pelzer
Dave was brutally abused and starved by his emotionally unstable and alcoholic mother
When his mother would let him eat it would be spoiled scraps
Dave had no one to turn to but his dreams kept him alive
I chose to read this book because although it seemed sad to read it also seemed very interesting because I want to be a children's psychologist
Reading these types of stories motivate me to pursue my career in being a children's psychologist
Children all over the world are going through cases like this and it motivated me to help
Motivates me to want to become a psychologist
Children all over are going through similar cases like Dave's
Help children , like Dave, from suffering mental and physical abuse
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