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Welcome to Chorus

Classroom Aid, Beginning of School Year

Melanie Dafler

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Chorus

Welcome to Chorus!
Classroom Expectations
How to Earn an "A"
Daily Performance in Class
Other Personal Tasks
Be a brave, trusting singer every day, every activity.
I will not make you sing alone unless you wish to do so.
Please sit in your assigned seat!

Quizzes (1 every 2 weeks)
Concerts and Other Required Performances
Folder Checks
Reflections and Personal Evaluations
Participate in class thoughtfully and with self-discipline.
Show excellent character to teachers, others and yourself.
Sectional Attendance
hard for a
specific purpose
Taking a
moment to think
"Should I do
Sharing or giving what you have without expecting something in return
Telling the truth, regardless of the consequences
Treating others as if they are having a really bad day
Doing what is right even if it may be difficult or unpopular
Doing the right thing even when no one is watching you
Being thankful for what you have, even if someone has something you want.
Be Reliable
Follow instructions quickly
Bring required materials to class every day
Respect others, yourself and school property

Men's Chorus
Sight-reading Karate
(6th and 7th only)
the Room
Ending Class
Getting out
of your seat
Take your folder
from the cabinet
Come to class prepared with a pencil
Immediately go
to your seat
If you have a question, raise your hand and wait for me to attend you
Watch for the attention signal
Students not in their seat when the bell rings will be marked tardy.
Needed so I can get your attention quickly and quietly
Practice informal attention signal
Practice formal attention signal
If I am giving announcements
If we are doing a whole-group activity
If I am working with another section
If you are working in groups
If I am giving a lesson or teaching the whole group
If there is an emergency situation
In Between Songs/Transitions:
Sharpening Pencils
Getting a Tissue
Any other activity with sound associated
While I am working with another section:
Getting music that you do not have
Getting a band-aid
Any other activitiy that is silent
No one uses the restroom during my class...
...no one...
...no, not even you...
...or you...
The only exception is if you have a permanent medical condition which you or a parent will discuss with me privately.
...or even you...
If I do grant permission, you will sign out and then have just 2 minutes.
IF we rehearse well the whole class, I will leave 3-4 minutes at then end of class to socialize.
I will then dismiss you to put away your folders.
When the bell rings, I will dismiss you. The bell does not automatically dismiss you.
After your folder is put away, please return to your assigned seat.
Stand Up/Sit Down Signal
Practice Makes Perfect!
Informal Attention Signal
Formal Attention Signal
Stand Up/Sit Down
Seated Posture Check
Standing Posture Check
What are the four class expectations?
What reward can you earn for being a STAR?
What is discipline?
How can you show ambition?
Why shouldn't you steal money even if you know you won't get caught?
How many concerts will you sing in?
What should you do if you have a question before class?
What is one choir privilege or reward besides a ticket?
How do you know when class is ready to begin?
Is choir a time of day to use the restroom?
Please get rid of gum, food and drinks

Spring Concert
May 13th!
January 22nd!
Begins January 10th and 13th!
New Seats!
January 6th and 7th!
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