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Whatever Happened to Janie

No description

Zachary Albrecht

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Whatever Happened to Janie

First book in series.
Janie saw she was on milk carton and kidnapped.
Figured out her parents, that she thought were her parents, daughter kidnapped Janie.
Hannah, the kidnapper and Janie's fake parents daughter, escaped from cult.
Janie called her real parents and that when the book ended.
The Face on the Milk Cartoon
Whatever Happened to Janie
By Carolina B. Cooney

Janie had trouble getting used to family.
Got in fights with siblings especially sister.
Fights happened because Jodie want's Janie to be a good sister.
Janie's boyfriend came.
His name Reeve.
They spent day together.

Rising Action
Everyone in Spring family thought it was turn around point for Janie.
Janie made list of what she wants to accomplish with her new family.
She started getting along with siblings
Still though she got upset when thought of her old parents The Johnson's.
Rising Action (cont.)
Police found Hannah in an ally
Jodie wanted her to get jailed
But police said life has punished her enough.
Stephen and Jodie figured out Johnson's knew about Hannah.
Stephen ,even though he was bitter about Janie the whole book, felt peaceful and wanted Janie to come back.
Jodie, even though she was bitter about Janie the whole book, wants to write to Janie.
Falling Action
Stephen and Jodie thought the police officer was right and they knew he was right when he said that they had a family that loves them.
Rising Action (cont.)
Janie woke up one morning and told Mrs. Spring, her real mom ,that she wants to go back to old parents.
When Janie was at Johnson's home Janie's siblings, Jodie and Stephen, went to New York to find Hannah, the person who kidnapped Janie. They want revenge on Hannah because of what she did to their family.
Went to soup kitchens all through New York to find Hannah because Hannah poor because got kicked out of cult after leaving the Johnson's, tearing the Johnson and Spring family apart.
Found Police officer to help find Hannah.
The theme of
Whatever Happened To Janie
is finding who you truly are. Janie figured out she was Janie Johnson a girl from Connecticut.
The Voice on the Radio
Next book about Janie is about Reeve getting his radio show in college and is telling stories about Janie's kidnapping. Janie is trying to figure out why his show is so popular. But there will be a big price for Janie.
Janie: main character that got kidnapped

Reeve: Janie's boyfriend

Mr. and Mrs. Spring: Janie's real parents

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson: Janie's fake parents

Hannah: The Johnson's daughter and she kidnapped Janie.

Jodie: Janie's sister

Stephen: Janie's brother

Police officer:Helped Stephen and Jodie.
Janie just moved to her real family's house and she is having trouble cooperating with the new family rules.
There are multiple places people visit in the book.
It takes place at the end of the school year
Switched off between New Jersey and Connecticut.
At end of the book it was in New York.
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