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How Resistance Training Can Help College Students Curb the Obesity Epidemic

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Alex Vafinis

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of How Resistance Training Can Help College Students Curb the Obesity Epidemic

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com College students don't want to wind up getting an "A" in adipose tissue. The obesity epidemic is increasing day by day and there is no sign of it slowing down.

Obesity is not a problem for just older adults; it also has struck our nation's youth and in that group are young college adults.
Obesity is a medical disorder which has several possible detrimental health problems associated with it.

Some of the possible health risks associated with it are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, reduced life expectancy, cancer, osteoarthritis, and asthma. How Resistance Training Can Help College Students Curb the Obesity Epidemic The percent of overweight and obese American college students increased from 27.4 percent in fall 2006 to 29.2 percent in fall 2011 There are a few suggestions as to how someone becomes overweight, which can eventually lead to obesity. There are reports by doctors who claim that obesity is due to genetic susceptibility and genes, rather an inherent trait which people were born with. The more overwhelming cause of obesity is due to excessive overeating and lack of physical activity Lack of physical activity is a problem for many college students, even if the students live on or off campus.

Trying to find the balance between school, work, physical activity and a glimpse of a social life can be very stressful for young adults. Dieting or changing one's diet and exercise have been scientifically proven to be the most beneficial treatments for obesity. It is important to remember that obesity is not a disease, but rather a disorder. Obesity can and will eventually lead to harmful diseases, but obesity in itself is not a disease. A great and helpful way to increase your exercise output is to actively engage in strength or resistance training. When you are obese, you have more adipose tissue and fat body mass than is needed for everyday functioning.

With strength training and cardiovascular endurance, your body rapidly changes to increase your skeletal muscle and lean body tissue and decreases your body fat percentage. These pictures show various body fat percentages for men and women. Which one resembles you? There are a number of reasons why waistlines increase during the college years. The freedom to eat whatever at your disposal. Your parents are not by your side to tell you what to eat.
With your parents not there to tell you what to eat, they are not there to cook for you which increases the chance of partaking in fast food choices. Fast food choices limit options of fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and water and increases the chance for fried foods, trans fats, and carbonated beverages. Reports have shown that individuals who eat fast food have decreased function ability and lack of energy due to the high amount of complex carbohydrates, fats, and high portion sizes. Diet and exercise go hand in hand. You are going to act and feel with what you put in your body.

With increased exercise and physical activity your body functions more fluidly with fruits and vegetables. The American College of Sports Medicine created an exercise prescription for individuals in America to adhere to. The ACSM recommends exercising every major muscle group 2-3 times a week, and taking at least 24-48 hours of rest in between each whole body workout. At The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga they have the facility of a lifetime to help get you geared up and in shape. It's called the ARC

Aquatics and Recreational Center The ARC The ARC has three different levels, each with different opportunities to be active. At the bottom floor is the main workout facility with free weights, dumbbells, and machines. The second floor has 2 large basketball courts and an olympic size pool The top floor has an indoor track and a few more workout machines. The ARC offers a young, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff to help students get started on a work out regime and help stay focused. When you do decide to actively engage in resistance and strength training, there are numerous health benefits. The National Strength and Conditioning Association recognizes that resistance training has the following benefits: -Increased strength
-Increased motor skills
-Improved psychological well-being
-Improved overall health
When many people hear the term "working out" they get discouraged because they think of professional body-builders and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bodybuilders are professionals that have dedicated a large portion of their life to become physically built. It is the same as a doctor who plugs years away at medical school. The point is that if you work out a few times a week you will not become overly massive; you will have muscle tone and all the health benefits that come with it. Do not be intimidated by the gym. Embrace it instead and have an enjoyable and fun time to increase adherence to the workout schedule. Working out and running releases natural endorphins (feel good chemicals) from the brain and decreases the stress hormones Resistance training has also been shown to increases bone and mineral mass which can prevent osteoporosis later in life.

When you do go to the gym, be sure to wear the proper attire:

no open-toed shoes
fitted shirt
loose athletic shorts
comfortable socks
Now, there are over hundreds of different workouts and performance lifts you can do at a gym. Here are some examples of lifts you should incorporate in your workout. Bench Press Squat Leg Press Standing Dumbbell Curls
Calf Press These are just a sample of resistance workouts. Speak with an ARC staff member to find out about the other limitless workout options available. You do not have to adopt a completely different lifestyle; moderation is key Find a workout partner that the both of you will push each other to work out and stay on schedule. A workout partner can increase adherence and help prevent injuries.

Safety first! We all want to live long and successful lives and with that we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that incorporates strength training and healthy nutrition habits. Avoid the dreaded FRESHMAN 15 and don't become another stat!
It's up to you References:

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