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My Country Project: Guatemala

This is my sapnish project.

Selena Salazar

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of My Country Project: Guatemala

:D And that's my country project!!
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! ^_^



Basic Info about Guatemala!
Holidays in Guatemala:
Independence day in Guatemala is
in September, 15. It is a very special
holiday because, it was the day they
got there independence so they celebrate
by having tamales, parades, dances, etc...
They take it very seriously. :D
Guatemala's Culture:
This is a Guatemalan, hand made skirt's.
They are different colors like
, etc... They also have different
patterns, in fact sometimes you could tell who
someone was just by looking at the pattern on there
clothes! Awesome right!! ;-)
More about Guatemala:
la bandera de Guatemala's coloure's son azul y blanco. El p`ajaro se llama el Quetzal.
The president of Guatemala is Otto Perez Molina.
he was born on December, 1, 1950.
Guatemalan dances were part of either story telling
or tradition. The boys and girls wore traditional clothing
and sometimes even masks......

Guatemala means the "Land of Forest's".
Tamales are one of Guatemala's delicious treats.
They are often eaten on special occasions. iSon muy
buenos! :p Yum.
We are here...
Our destination is here...
Were almost there...
Scary right! :D Guatemalans were good artists too!

Table of Contenents:

1.) Basic Info about Guatemala


Guatemala's Culture

3.) Holidays in Guatemala

4.) More about Guatemala
Guatemalans temperatures are hot!
They are mostly in the 70F.

But on the low side its in the 60's.

Perfect weather right!
La temuratura es perfecto!!
We celebrate Independence day almost the same as in Guatemala only different dates, and Guatemala goes over the top. We also go over the top by going on with the decoration like the big cake in the picture... >.<
Christmas in Guatemala is almost the
same as here in the U.S. but in Guatemala
they use some hand-made ornaments and they have
fairs, parades with the costumes, and more.
This is a hand-made ornaments from Guatemala made of tiny colored beads and string. I wonder how long it toke to make it?
Guatemala's national flower... the Monja Blanca.
A beautiful flower right. It has tres peatles and they are blanco.... that's why its called Monja Blanca. :p
The national tree is the Revue.
It looks cute. >.<
The Qutzal is also the name of the "Moneda" or currency of money.
P.S This video toke a while to make so give me some credit! ^_^ Also dont jude to much -_- And yes i made the video but all pictures and clips belong to there rightful owners. Now please enjoy!!
Theodore "Ted" Paul Hendricks was born in Guatemala city on November, 1, 1947. He was a former American football player and he went to the University of Miami. He played for 15 seasons, and was a linebacker. He is also on the Pro Football Hall of Fame.(1990)
There is also a foundation called the Hendricks Foundation which helps Special Olympics, Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimer's & Dementia Research, ALS Research, Shake-a-leg of Miami, Children's Hospital(s), Birth Defect Survivors Grant in Aid, Literacy Programs, Youth Golf and Learning Academy, Child Abuse Victims, etc... just to name a few.
Did you know that the first chocolate bar in ancient times was made by the Mayan's!?
In Guatemala there are about 21 languages still spoken and used.(Including spanish, Quiche, Cakchiquel, Mam, Tzutujil, etc...) People there have to translate papers into the language that they speak in on a regular basis! A lot of work for them!!!
There is a legend in Guatemala that Mayan babies don't cry because they were apparently born warriors.
Guatemala is where Blue Denim jeans were first created but then other companies started to take notice.
The two blue stripes on the flag represent Guatemala in the middle of two ocean's.
The ancient Maya believed that the Quetzal was actually the living form of the god Quetzalcoatl. The Quetzal is also very rare due to deforestation. Its on the endangerd list. It is also known for having the longest tail on a bird.
Guatemalans are know for creating the first calender and were also mathematicians and excellent astronomers. They were know for creating the concept zero and for creating whole words through pictures.
Music is made with many instruments, including the marimba, an instrument made from different sized gourds, resembling the xylophone.
Guatemalans are passionate about soccer. They also enjoy basketball and bicycling. Children enjoy ball games, such as volleyball and dodge ball.
The week before Easter, Holy Week, Guatemalans make intricately patterned designs on their streets, sometimes made of flowers and leaves but most often of colored sawdust.
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