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Where I'm from

Project for Creative Writing

Rachel Ekstrom

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Where I'm from

Where I'm from
by rachel ekstrom J and S
(9-18-12) I am from echoing pavements and open caskets
from whispering lips and bloodied gossip Pediatric nurse I am from patience and leaps of faith
from burnt vanilla and steady hearts
I'm from calloused hands and dream catchers taken in Northern Arizona I am from warm nights and desert stars
which shone through a
painted June sky I am from the ache of bleach and white-wash walls
(born and raised
through a hospital hallway) from Say Please! and Hold that door! purity vows 2012 I'm from freedom and sacrifice
that which He made
so I would not have too I'm from shoebox cats and two mixed breeds
loving bites and the loudest purr From sifted dirt and a creaky treehouse
where Grandma once sat
to the porch of watermelon seeds broken down and worn the smallest glimpses of angels and forgotten adventures Snapshots of frozen smiles painted and drawn on canvas
a splash of color among the gray I am from these moments- (thanks for watching) Julie
(1) Courtney
(6) Grandpa
(7) David
(9) Grandma Lou
(7) Grandma Ethel
Grandma Scott
"Denver" Dave CIY 2012 Respiratory therapist
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