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Formatting & Editing

No description

Patti Griffin

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Formatting & Editing

Word Processing
is a program used to create documents such as:
agendas for a meeting
Examples of word processing programs: Microsoft Word and Google Docs (document).
Picture of a Business Letter
Picture of a Report
Picture of a Meeting Agenda
A Filename in Google Docs is found at the top of left corner of the page.
Menu Bar
Toolbar Buttons
Line Spacing

Single space does not have a line of space in between the text.


The lines of text

have an extra

space between


Left Align
-text is lined up along the left margin.
Center Align
- text is centered between the left and right margin.
Right Align
- text is lined up along the right margin.
Font Color
Standard Typing Paper size measures
8 1/2 x 11 inches

Page Orientation means the direction in which the paper prints. Two types:
Portrait or Landscape

The white area at the top, bottom, left, and right of the document where there is no text.
If a document is on two pages, you can make your margins smaller to fit the document on one page. The default setting is 1" in Google Docs.
To change margins in Google Docs; click on File, then Click on Page Setup.
Text Alignment
Left Align
Text is lined up along the left margin.
Right Align
Text is lined up along the right margin
Text is centered on the page
Example: Header
Examples: Titles, Invitations
Examples: Newspaper, magazines
Text is lined up along both margins
Line Spacing
Single Space (SS)
- No blank lines between lines of text. When typing a list, press Enter once.
Double Space (DS
) - One blank line between lines of text. When typing a list, press Enter twice.
Triple Space (TS)
- Two blank lines between lines of text. Used by pressing the Enter key 3 times.
Quadruple Space (QS)
- Three blank lines between lines of text. Used by pressing the Enter key 4 times.
Word Wrap
The automatic wrapping of text to the next line without having to press Enter. This is because margins are set, otherwise the text would go off the page.

Thanks to word wrap, you DO NOT have to press Enter when typing a paragraph, but you do when typing lists.

Changing the color, size, and style of font.
Bullets and Numbering are a great way to format a list!
The process of making changes and/or correcting errors to a document.
- the object IS removed
- the object is NOT removed
- A t
emporary storage for items that have been cut and/or copied.
Spell Check
- right click any words with red lines for suggestions.
- Use to
search synonyms.

Examples of Editing Features:
Operational Keys -

- Used to indent - moves the cursor 5 spaces (or on the Internet, moves to the next field)
Caps Lock
- used to capitalize a word or several words. Mostly used in titles!
Control & Alt
- used to carry out commands. Example: Ctrl + P = Print
- deletes text to the left of the cursor
- deletes text to the right of the cursor
- moves the cursor to the beginning of the line of text
- moves the cursor to the end of the line of text
Other Stuff you need to know:
Only space one time between words (text).
Space once after a comma and semi-colon (;)
Space twice after other punctuation marks, including the period and question mark.
- the vertical blinking line that shows where the next character will be entered.
Shift Keys - use the opposite shift key so fingers stay on home row keys.
Header & Footer
- Appears in the top margin,
normally right or left aligned and contains
the name, date, and other information of
person who creates the document. A title
DOES NOT go in a header.
- Appears in the bottom margin,
normally used for page numbers only.
Means using the keyboard when a mouse does not work. Examples below:
Horizontal vs. Vertical Centering
When using the
Bullets & Numbering feature, the object will automatically appear when you press Enter.
Memos are rarely used now that most people use
E-Mail to communicate
We will use this when creating a table.
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