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BUSA 1200 Final Project

No description

Christopher Newton

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of BUSA 1200 Final Project

usic ignature Adding a Backstory to Radio Programming
5 Minutes at a Time! A Quench Media Production Music Signature is a five minute preproduced feature that
showcases everything that goes on in the Music Industry. usic ignature usic ignature usic ignature usic ignature usic ignature Every Music Signature is unique, with a specific focus
on a singer or member of a band, and their story. Where does the inspiration for Music Signature come from? Websites such as Explore Music, Adlercast, and ReverbNation that discover, promote, and share new music with users
Evolution 107.9 Music Director Caroline Samorodin Music Signature combines the basic attributes of Making Contact, Musical Roots, and New Music Now. These are three features that currently air on BCIT's Evolution 107.9 Making Contact is based on the CBC interview programme "As It Happens" Musical Roots is based on "The Ongoing History of New Music", an hour-length feature hosted by Alan Cross What can you expect to hear in a standard Music Signature? Theme Intro
Intro of interview over relevant music
Bulk of the feature delivered over a music bed
Wrap-up over relevant music
Theme Outro New Music Now is a three minute showcase of new artists and albums in the community Quench Media The Creators of The diversity of Music Signature is reflected by the following categories:
Canadian Artists
Non-Canadian Artists
Artists by Genres ranging from: Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, even Hip-Hop We are three recent graduates of the Broadcast - Radio Program at BCIT.

Our technical and creative skills have been finely tuned and polished through hard work and perserverence in the program.

We all have entensive interview, audio production and music appreciation skills, and we have each garnered praise for our endeavours. Quench Media Financial Plan How does this thing make money? The majority of costs associated with an undertaking such as this are to be offet through corporate sponsorship.

Sponsor benefits through a tag played after every Music Signature plays on the radio.

Possible Sponsors include: Sony Music, EMI, HMV, Future Shop/Best Buy, Loblaw's, even Wal-Mart.

Feature will air on content-relevent radio stations in small and medium markets throughout BC.

Initial run of 28 weeks, with 5 episodes airing per day, three times per week.

Future plans, depending on initial success include expansion into the Alberta, Yukon, Alaska, and Washington State markets. Quench Media Financial PLan Capital Required We will pitch our proposals to Program Directors at appropriate radio stations in:
Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, and Cranbrook
to start our initial plays of Music Signature.

Our intent is to become an accentuation to any features that currently air on the
stations to which we are proposing, not a competition.

The 5-minute length of Music Signature allows it to easily fit into the station's existing programming. Marketing Strategy Our start-up costs are as follows:

$60.00 per hour of Creative Talent
$110.00 per hour of Production
$90.00 per hour of studio time
$60.00 per hour of Engineering
$60.00 per hour of Voice Talent

Total of $380.00 per feature To Summarise usic ignature Station Benefits
Five minutes of programming airtime filled with a quality feature that both entertains and enlightens listeners.

Unique and original material that is appropriate to, and enhances station format.

Sponsor Benefits
Familiar setup of feature allows listeners to gain recognition and recall.

Sponsorship Tag allows for the sponsor to get their name into the market, without adding to the clutter of standard radio advertising.

Sponsorship includes Podcast sponsorship, gaining even more traffic for both the subscribing radio station, as well as the sponsor. Thank You For Your Time Other topics might include to stories of roadies,
producers, agents, roadies, and even concert promoters.
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