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Drug Trade/Control in the USA

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Palav Bhargava

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Drug Trade/Control in the USA

Background Info
The illegal US drug market is valued at $200 - $750 Billion
Drugs actual cost the state more than the supplier
North America accounts for more than 40% of global cocaine consumption
Most of the drugs in the US come from Mexico
Economic Effect
In 2012, 300000 of 1.6 million prison inmates were doing time for drug offenses
Drugs raise health care costs by $11 billion
Mexico drug industry is worth $50 billion
Social impact
Drug Trade/Control in the USA



Drugs have become integrated into the United States culture
Illicit drugs are considered a commodity with strong demand, as they are sold at high value
The high price is due to two factors
-high demand
Still the worlds largest importer of illegal drugs
Most imports from Mexico
$10 billion of the Mexican drug cartels profits come from the United States
Mexican Cartel
Political impact
The Mexican Cartel leads the US in drug trafficking
El Chapo Guzman
Marijuana was popular and later Cocaine as well was a major drug product
A lot of it was smuggled from Colombia and Mexico via Jamaica
This led to several administrations
Reagan administration began "certifying" countries for their attempts at controlling drug trafficking
This allowed the United states to intervene activities related to illegal drug transport
Resulted in an increase in the drug cartel activity in Mexico
In 2008 the U.S initiated the Merida Initiative to help combat drug trafficking in Mexico
Should prisoners facing drug charges be treated differently, so the US could save money?

If you were the president, how would you combat drugs entering the USA ?

Do you think more money should be put into the associations fighting drug trade? Or should the laws be less strict?
Drug policies in Portugal
In 2001, Portugal became the first country to decriminalize the use of all drugs
They instead started treating drug users as sick people, instead of criminals
This has resulted in:
-Increase take up of treatment
-Reduction in drug related deaths
-Drug related criminal justice workloads decreased
-Decrease street value of illicit drugs
Strict drug trade laws have increased the crime associated with drugs
Possession, manufacture and distribution of drugs has increased due to the drug control laws, as well as the administrations
the members of Cartels, Gangs and organized crime associated with drugs has increased

If laws and drug control was less strict then there could be potential for a decrease in the possession manufacture and distribution of drugs

Opinions con'd
Drug laws should be kept the same
Drugs should be kept illegal no matter what the case
More money should be invested into the associations fighting against drug trafficking
For example:
-Undercover cops
-Hire more D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Administration) agents
-Place bounties on people associated with drug trafficking

If drug laws are weakened and no money is put into the war against drugs, drug cartels, gangs, and organized crime members will take advantage
The importation of drugs and usage of illicit drugs would increase
Why is it an important American issue
Illicit drugs are overall bad for you unless for medical purposes
Drugs can consume a persons life
A lot of crime is associated with drug trade
Violence is very common within it therefore making it common in the United States
Although if the war against drugs is terminated it can affect the american economy
Many people work for drug control associations and could become unemployed if these associations are terminated
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