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The War of 1812

No description

William Gillette

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of The War of 1812

The War of 1812 and Antebellum South Carolina
Click the link to find out more about the War of 1812. You need to make a T-Chart listing causes and effects of the war. You are reading the article, not watching the video!

The War of 1812
War of 1812 Zaption

Click the link to watch the Zaption video and answer the questions.
Antebellum South Zaption
Click the link on to find out more...
Go to page 119 in your SC Journey Textbook, read Whitney's Cotton Gin and write a brief summary of how Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin.
Go up front and collect the sheet that says
Chapter 15 Study Skills Using Primary Sources.

A Primary Source document is a document written by someone who actually lived during the time period we are studying.

Read the Primary Source document and answer the questions. (The Primary Source is the newspaper clippings offering rewards for runaway slaves.)

Checkpoint 2
Next you will read a primary source document from someone who was employed in the slave trade. Read the passage carefully. Your task is to write a three paragraph argumentative essay against slavery/ the slave trade using at least three examples from the primary source document to support your argument. You will need to write a rough draft and a final copy.
Checkpoint 3 is the rough draft
Checkpoint 4 is the final draft.
If you are unsure of how to write an argumentative essay click here.

Primary Source Document


This is Checkpoint 1. You should be finished with this Day 1.
Each day you should complete one checkpoint.
Slave Life and Slave Codes
After briefly reading about slave life and the slave codes, illustrate the hardships of slavery and the slave codes. This could be in the form of a comic strip, poster, or pamphlet.


Read an excerpt from Scott Bond, a former slave. Read numbers 4-14. Write a reflection (about a paragraph) discussing some of the problems slaves faced at this time.
Scott Bond Reflection
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