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Copy of Craig Ellwood-Fields House

No description

Carmen Line

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Craig Ellwood-Fields House

Inside the Fields House:
Case Study House 17 (Hoffman House), Beverly Hills, California, 1954–56
Case Study House 16 (Salzman House), Bel Air, California, 1951–53
Hunt House, Malibu, California, 1955
South Bay Bank, Los Angeles, California, 1956
Animation of SketchUp House:
Style of Craig Ellwood
(left to right): Moritmer J. Matthews, Mayor of Pasadena; Craig Ellwood, Architect for Art Center’s Pasadena building; Don Kubly, President of Art Center; Charles Eames, designer; Philip S. Fogg, Member of the Board
By:Kaitlin Hebb
Located on Miradero Rd, Beverly Hills, California
"The essence of architecture is the interrelation and interaction of mass, space, plane and line. The purpose of architecture is to enrich the joy and drama of living. The spirit of architecture is its truthfulness to itself: its clarity and logic with respect to its materials and structure.

-March 1976 issue of L.A. Architect
Designed in 1956
-Born in 1922, in Texas as Jon Nelson Burke.
-Joined the Army in 1942.
-After his discharge he created a firm with his brother and 2 friends, "Craig Ellwood"
-He legally changed his name in 1948
-Studied Structural Engineering at UCLA
-Established "Craig Ellwood Design" in 1951.
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