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Romance Sonambulo

No description

Elisa Cullen

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Romance Sonambulo

Commentary on Romance Sonambulo

Features of the Poem
Federico Garcia Lorca
Privileged family background
Madrid and Granada
Poet, dramatist, essayist, painter, musician
Figure of generation 1927
Friend of Artist Salvador Dali
Lived a charmed life that was tragically cut short
Murdered by pro-Franco nationalists
Romancero Gitanos

Book of ballads

Racy collection of poems

18 in total

All poems deal with issues such as death, night, heaven and the moon

Celebrates the passion and intensity of the gypsy people in Spain

Young gypsy woman awaits the return of her lover who is a smuggler

One night returns pursued by the police and is badly wounded

Seeks assistance from girls father

Father in state of shock and unable to help

Two men search for the girl who they find face down in a water tank

She has drowned. Suicide? Murder? We don't know. Lorca never says

Civil guards arrive on the scene to arrest the boyfriend
Assonance (poema asonante)
Free verse
Lyrical, narrative language
Rarely uses prosaic language except when talking about the civil guards
use of assonance to depict the crudeness of their manner
'borrachas' 'golpeaban'
rudely interrupt the two men at the house
but also interrupts the poem as it is unexpected and does not fit in to its poetic style
Dali and Lorca

'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes
A narrative poem published in 1906
Tells the story of a highwayman who is in love with the landlords daughter
Betrayed to the authorities by a jealous stableman
Escapes ambush
Daughter sacrifices own life to warn him of trouble
Highwayman dies in attempt at revenge
The two meet as ghosts
Strong impact on us (story of frustration of love and passion)
Uniqueness in style
Insight into a nightmarish scenario as it examines the chaotic and non-rational side of human experience
Thank you!

Any questions?
Federico Garcia Lorca
By Livia and Elisa
The colour green symbolises bitterness, lust and jealousy of the gypsy girl.
The moon symbolises femininity
The sea symbolises death
Most powerful techniques:
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