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Clickology with iClicker_OTC2015

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Eric Wilson

on 7 November 2016

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Transcript of Clickology with iClicker_OTC2015

Clickology with iClicker
Effective Use of Clickers
Asking questions, discussing with peer(s), & re-polling, conducting concept tests (accessing knowledge from current lecture module, preview lecture of previous course!)

Conducting opinion surveys (use anonymous mode)
How Clickers Help Educators
Access student's understanding of material in lecture
Reveal student misunderstandings of lecture
Determine future direction of lecture, including level of detail needed
Test students' understanding of previous lecture notes
Access students' ability to apply lecture material in new situation
Determine whether students are ready to continue after working a problem

Clickers Talk
Collaborative Learning
Flipping the Class
Buzzing the Class
- YES! You can make this happen
Clicker by Definition
A clicker is a device that allows for a rapid time polling and questions and answers session in a classroom or meeting environment

Data is shown anonymously, yet data can be collected with computer software for scores and grades
Effective Use of Clickers
Convert paper/pencil case studies to clicker questions. Students receive immediate feedback rather than waiting a week.

Creating clicker slides for students' group presentations to review materials presented (peer review)
- 2013, University of Wisconsin
Analyze and recognize clicker technology

Compare different clicker activities and tasks

Prepare and operate clickers
Clicker Time
Have you ever asked a question in a class and wanted immediate anonymous responses or polling?

Clicker Time
Do you want your students to actively participate and increase student engagement?

A Teacher's Friend!
After you adopt the iClicker in your course, you should get the following from your rep or contact point...

Base station with special USB cable
Blue Remote and Director (I LOVE THIS BABY)
White iClicker 2 (like the one you are using)
Download software from site
Can use builder to communicate with LMS
iClicker New Generation is Flying Out This Summer
REEF Polling is Out and it is better than ever
Can be set up in two minutes
Affordable for students
Use Smartphones and laptops
Clicker Time!
Now that you have a better understanding of the Clickers in the classroom, what are your thoughts:

A. Planning to adopt ASAP
B. Want to investigate further
C. Will want to share with colleagues at the ranch
D. Not sure....a bit overwhelm
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