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the Javan Leopard

No description

Davis Meggait

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of the Javan Leopard

The Diet
the Role
the Javan Leopard has a carnivorous role in the Ecosystem. It is a top-consumer
the Locations
the Javan Leopard is only found in the island of Java in Indonesia
Competition for Resources
Javan Leopards compete for resources with:
-Other Big Cats(Javan Leopards)
-Other Predators
Predator-Prey Relationship
-Javan Leopards are brown so they can blend in to the grass and ground.

-Javan Leopard Prey is also the color that they are so they can blend in and escape the predators
Habitat Loss
The Javan Leopard
Parasites and Diseases/
Natural Disasters
Human Interactions
What are the steps that the wild life fund i s Taking to help these animals
-efforts are being made to bring back the population of these animals. Hunting laws are being strictly enforced
Javan Leopard's doing there hunting
The End
Davis M.
Joey M.
Bryton M.
Habitat loss
-Javan Leopards eat human pets.


-Hunting them for sport
-Rock Slides
-Forest Fires
-Volcanic Eruptions
-Earth Quakes
-Javan Leopards are the smallest of the big cats
-There are aproximatley 250 mature individuals left
-Male leopards weigh about 80-150 lbs.
-Female leopards weigh about 62-100 lbs.
-They can live 10-12 years in the wild
-They can live up to 27 years in captivity
Examine their Diet And their Habitat. What other species will the Extinction of this species affect? In what way?
-Lung fluke
-Hook worms
-lung Worms
-Liver + Intestinal Parasites

Map Of The Island Of Java
-Natural Disasters
-Natural Disturbances
-Global Warming
-McGraw Hill Ryerson BC SCIENCE 7 textbook
-Bing Images
-Google Images
The Javan leopards Prey will be affected because their will be to many of the animals that the Leopard eats
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