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AAD 520, Unit 8: Artists and Arts in Times of Crisis

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UK Arts Administration

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of AAD 520, Unit 8: Artists and Arts in Times of Crisis

Unit 8:
Artists and Arts in Times of Crisis
I. Arts, War and Terror
Body Art in Crisis


READ: Tattoo Ink Memorializing Boston Bombings with Body Art by Drew Armstrong - Apr 24, 2013
No More Hurting People
WATCH: Dorchester Responds to Bombing with Sign of Peace.
II. Arts and Immigrants & Refugees
VISIT: To learn how many refugees resettled in the United States in 2012 and where they came from, review Refugee Arrivals for FY 2012 by State and Country of Origin

What activities prepare artists, arts organizations, and arts administrators to work with refugees and immigrants?
What kinds of reciprocal learning, a back and forth shared learning process, is possible between all involved?
What is taught and learned by participants? What is taught and learned by artists, staff and volunteers from the arts community?
How may these types of experiences encourage future arts experiences and advocacy in your community?
Access the link above again and review the numbers of refugees who have undergone resettlement in your current state, and/or the state/s you hope to work with the arts in for the future.
Survival Tool
VISIT: For more information visit the Artisans4Hope website

III. Arts and Natural Disaster
Art and Play Therapy
Art Aftermath
READ: Art Created in the Aftermath of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami
IV. Arts and Environment Decline
REVIEW: Top 5 Environmental Artists Shaking Up the Art World.
READ: Mel Chin: The Funded Dollar Bill Project

Following your review of this topic, consider the following questions.
Which of the five environmental artists did you like most, and why?
How did this particular artists teach about a crisis or general environmental decline within the environment?

V. Arts and Community Healing
In this example, how are people and organizations building connections with others?
Do these documentary images communicate happiness or sadness or boredom about the activities undertaken?
What kind of arts and community healing could the area where you live and/or work (your community) benefit from?
What crucial needs are currently unmet?
What about...
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