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RapNet Tips and Tricks final

No description

Jonny Katz

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of RapNet Tips and Tricks final

Diamonds listed:


Total value:
$7.69 billion

Diamond searches:
2 million per month

New diamonds daily:
7,000 - 10,000

Using RapNet: Tips for Success
RapNet Today
Dressing up your member directory
Sell Diamonds
Your RapNet Identity

Personalize your Member Directory profile page
Add your company logo – visuals stand out
Company description – your opportunity to differentiate yourself
Terms of business
Your reputation – member ratings

1. “Know thy member”: Carefully review feedback

2. How long have they been on RapNet?

3. Where are they located?

4. Get shipping and wire transfer details in writing, validate information over the phone

5. If something seems too good to be true…it probably is

6. Contact sellers via the "Contact Seller" or "Make a Bid" forms, this provides a secure record of what was discussed

7. Use Escrow services for a safe transaction

-25% Rap
Joe's Jewelers
"Best you can" pricing, expect some bargaining
Add images of your diamond (Sarine Loupe, photo)
For GIA diamonds, RapNet will automatically add the report scan or you can upload it manually
Fill in all the diamond specification details, including all comments
Use the member comment area to communicate anything else


Joe's Jewelers
Not (yet) a Good Member Directory
Good Member Directory
Trading Tips
Be accurate
Respond quickly
Discuss terms of payment
Wire transfer fees
Taxes / Imports
Finalize shipping plans and payment
When Communicating with members from other countries:
Take into account language and time zone differences
Different markets have different norms (for example “door to door price”)

Good Diamond Listing
Not (yet) a Good Diamond Listing
Find Diamonds
Saved searches

Tracked diamonds

Make a note

Instant Inventory
Buy Requests

Applications - TradeShow, NEW RapNet iPhone/Android apps

Inquiries & Offers
Show Listings Service

Advertise your presence and your diamonds at the major shows

Advertise your company with our complimentary service

Less walking, more buying

RapNet XL

Excel add-on

Manage and upload your inventory

Price calculator

Fully customizable spreadsheet

Buy requests to Excel

How do I get my diamonds noticed and get more calls?
TradeScreen for quick finding
Find Diamonds
Saved searches

Tracked diamonds

Make a note

TradeScreen for quick finding
Find Diamonds
Saved searches

Tracked diamonds

Make a note

TradeScreen for quick finding
Find Diamonds
Saved searches

Tracked diamonds

Make a note

TradeScreen for quick finding
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