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Company Structure individualisiert

No description

Birgit Wauschkuhn

on 23 October 2016

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Transcript of Company Structure individualisiert

Company Structure
Paired Reading
Get the text,
read it quietly for yourself and
underline the words you do not know but you can guess, also
highlight the words and phrases you cannot guess

Find a partner,
clarify the highlighted words and phrases.
Then check whether you have guessed correctly
Biopaints International - Task 1 [YouTube link: ]
Get the B1 worksheet
Get the transcript of the audio from the teacher's desk and check if your answers are correct
alternatively, follow the link below and do the puzzle
Think, pair, square
Answer the following questions,
first for yourself,
then check with somebody else,
then check in a group of four
Reading and Mediating
Read out loudly the first sentence to your partner

The partner listens and summarises what he/she has understood.
Then try to clarify together

Transfer the sentence into German, try to improve your mediation together

Take turns on the whole text
Different Forms of Company Structures
Get Task 2 and
find headlines

first by yourself
then with a partner to clarify
Comparing the Results
Find a partner who has chosen a different level
(B1 or C1 if you have done B2, for example) and
compare your organisational structures
by describing them to each other
Do check the meaning, pronunciation and spelling of the terms
on http://www.dict.cc

B1: For help consult the sidenotes on the following slide
B2: Have a look at the sidenotes on the following slide
C1: Ignore the sidenotes on the following slide
Language Loop
Get the worksheet "Task 2" and
use the organisation chart to
complete the sentences
You do not have to use the same wording as the speaker!
It should be correct and make sense

(if you have problems, go back two slides and have a look at the sidenotes.)
[YouTube link: ]
- Take a B1 worksheet
- Find "Rossomon audio" on YouTube and listen to the mp3 and fill in the empty boxes
After this e-learning unit you should be able
- to describe an organigram
- to recognise different forms of organisational structure
What do you already know?
Follow this link
Draw a mindmap or create a mindmap online https://bubbl.us
- departments you know (e.g. Marketing Department)
- positions you know (e.g. Managing Director)

Explain your mindmap to a partner
- what is done in this department
- what does the position tell you
- Take a B2 worksheet
- Find "Rossomon audio" on YouTube and listen to the mp3 and fill in the empty boxes
- Take a C1 worksheet
- Find "Rossomon audio" on YouTube and listen to the mp3 and fill in the empty boxes
- In a second listening take notes on the different ways
in which the speaker describes the chart
Sidenote on structure
Below we see ...
The third level of the hierarchy shows ...
At the top of the organisational chart there is ...
On the second level there are ...
These departments are organised on a matrix
basis ...
They are split into ... / Each division is
subdivided into several departments
They are divided into / made up of /
composed of ...

This is a divisional structure
This is a functional structure
The company is organised
according to region / product /
process / function
Sidenote on hierarchy
this department reports to
this department is responsible to
this department is accountable to
this department is supported by
this department is responsible for

B2 & C1
Find alternatives to express the same
Compare with a partner and note down synonyms
Rossomon "in the Movies"
Watch the film "Rossomon" on YouTube,
compare your results, and
take notes on further expressions
used to describe company structures

[For the movie follow the YouTube link ]
This department takes care of ...
This department looks after ...
The Head of Training works
closely with ...
The Human Resources Manager is
in charge of ...

Practice in Speaking
Find a partner and
get the info gap activity for students A and B , describe yor structure in a written form.

After having described your structure in writing
fill in what your partner describes to you
B1 You may use your notes

B2 Use the expressions learned in this unit (without using your notes) -
peer correction

C1 Use a wide variety of language without looking at your notes -
self and peer correction
Revision & Matching
Task 3
Get a B1 worksheet and
match the pictures to the departments
With a partner, find out what they do in this department
Go to www.toolsforeducators.com and
create a crossword puzzle from the terms
(leave five printouts and one solution at the teacher's desk)
Get a B2 worksheet and
play at the dominoes
Go to www.toolsforeducators.com/dominoes/text.php and
create your own domino, cut it, and leave it, clipped together, with the teacher
Find the C1 file of the worksheet "taboo" and
type in possible taboo words
Cut the taboo cards, clip them together and leave them with the teacher
Whoever is finished, find a mixed group of four and
play at the dominoes, play the taboo and do the crossword puzzles

(materials can be found at the teacher's desk)
Get the B2 worksheet
Get the C1 worksheet and
have a look whether you will also be able to answer the additional questions concerning the mp3 (next slide)
On your worksheets, first anticipate what might need to be written in the boxes and fill your thoughts in (pencil!), then
listen to the mp3 as often as necessary to fill in the boxes.

Compare with a partner.
Some other parts of the company have not been mentioned.
To whom do the following people report?
- Works Manager
- Public Relations Manager
- Advertising Manager
- Export Manager
- Project Manager
PacifiChemCo - Task 2
Find a partner (same level B1 <-> B1 etc.)

Get the infosheet for students A & B,
cut it apart
(different levels for B1, B2, and C1)

Ask questions to find out what your partner knows about the company.
Additional questions on the audio material
Explain or state ....
who is being interviewed
how many people are employed with Biopaints
where most people work
which departments are located at the headquarters (umbrella term)
who the Production Department works closely with
what the Finance Director's responsibility is
what the responsibility of the Purchasing Department is

Beyond the audio text:
Which kind of structure does Biopaints have?
How can you tell?

Lead in
What do managers do?
What do managers do?
What do managers do?
- Match the parts to create meaningful complete sentences
Extra Activities

I work in the Purchasing
I'm in charge of organising
In Market Research we try
As a Maintenance Officer
Here in Logistics we
In the Marketing Department
I'm the CEO, which
In R & D
I'm an IT specialist, so
I work in the Human

we invent new products
to identify
I'm in charge of
organise distribution
courses for employees
Resources Dept., dealing
Department where we order
my job is to look after
we promote the company's
means I'm responsible for
the buildings and machinery
running the company
components from suppliers
with all kinds of people problems
products and brands
everything to do with computers
and transportation
products customers want
in the Training Department
and improve current ones
- Write a statement (B)
four departments
and write statements about what employees in those departments might do.
Read them out to a fellow student and have him/her guess which department you have been describing.
Customer Relations
Quality Assurance
Legal Department
Public Relations
- For a company's website:
describe its structure in writing (D)
- Standortbestimmung, die zweite
The department consists of / contains / includes

In the next step, you will be reading a text.
What is it about?
Look at the word cloud below (next slide), and speculate.
This is the end of the unit.
Feedback will be highly appreciated.
Task 3 - Vocabulary
Get Task 3 - either B1 or B2+ and
match the vocabulary words with their definitions

first by yourself
then compare with a partner
Technical Support
If you work in the full screen mode, the link will open in the browser in the back: press "Esc" and find the game in the browser.
If you want to save your solution, make a screen shot (press "Drucken") and paste it into a word document to print.
- Looking at language (C)
(Present Perfect - Active and Passive Voice)
Do the puzzle first, and analyse the changes.
Cloze test on tenses.

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