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Napoleon Bonaparte

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able can

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Napoleon Bonaparte

The Timeline
Find out who Napoleon is by Yourselves
Some References:
Each Group Needs to Present:
Four Topics for You
General Information about the Topics
1. Napoleon's Early Life and Connection to French Revolution
France from 1799 to 1815
Napoleon Bonaparte
Savior of France and Conqueror of Europe?
A Foreigner of France?
An Upstart of the Revolution?
A sad hero who failed in the end?
A Great Lover?
Who is Napoleon Bonaparte?
1769 Napoleon was born
1785 Graduated from Ecole Millitaire
1799-1804 Coup d'etat and the Consulate Period
1804-1814,1815 First French Empire
1792-1802 French Revolutionary War
1803-1815 Napoleonic War
1821 Napoleon died at the island of Saint Helena
Group Work
Four Groups, Four Different Topics
2. Napoleon's Military Tactics and History
3. Napoleon's Personality and Famous Quotes
4. Napoleon's Reform in France and Impact
Primary Source to the Topic
Analysis of the Source: how does it illustrate the topic you study
A Story About the Napoleon in the Topic
“Napoleon” from Wikipedia
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