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Intellectual Disability

No description

Tracey Sery

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Intellectual Disability

Much of the treatment now has since improved from how it used to be.
Many disabled people are able to use special walkers to assist them in walking.
Others may have supports on their legs to guide them in their steps.
Advancements in technology has given us the opportunity to be able to make adaptations to cars, telephones, and showers for help in their day-to-day lives.
Treatment In The 1900's
Past years treatment has mainly been custodial.
In many cases all anyone could do was watch over and assist the disabled person with activities.
Most of the personal care provided was provided by family members or close relatives willing to help.
People with intellectual disabilities sometimes had trouble walking, as the disability affected their motor skills, and they would not be able to walk at all.
Some may have been strong enough to use a cane or support.(Ex. furniture, person, etc.)
Back in the 1900's there wasn't many medical advances being made for as for mental treatment.
Many doctors also pushed away patients with disabilities because they did not understand what it was.
Possible Solutions
Different Types
Two main types of intellectual disability that include down syndrome and the fragile x syndrome
Down syndrome results when a person has 47 chromosomes instead of having 46.
Fragile x syndrome is caused by a narrow break in the X chromosome, which is one of two chromosomes that help decide a persons gender.
There are however many more different types of intellectual disabilities such as galactosemia which have been linked to metabolic issues as well
Cure/Raise Awareness
Its not easy to cure genetic diseases, like disabilities, like we can other diseases.
But we can raise awareness and money for research.
When you know about disabilities, it is easier to talk, walk, and be with them.
Intellectually disabled children may not have as many friends as others. So be kind to them, they want friends just like we do.
Awareness about disabilities is important.
"My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don't be disabled in spirit as well as physically."
~Stephen Hawking
Intellectual Disability
How has it changed?
What researchers are doing currently to improve
Researchers are figuring out a way to make classrooms an easier place to learn for children with all different types of disabilities.
As for adults and the elderly, scientists are always thinking of medicines and different ways they can help.
as the technology becomes available, they are doing all they can to improve the medicines and make life as easy as they can for them.
What is it?
"A condition in which people have substantial limitations in their mental abilities." (World Book)
Also called mentally retarded, mentally challenged, or cognitively impaired

How it affects the body
There are only a few visible side effects of intellectual disabilities such as upward slanting eyes and a flatter nose.This kind of disability mostly affects the brain,and they tend to have a harder time talking and moving. In some cases of down syndrome it may be accompanied by heart disorders, poor vision, and respiratory problems
Those who have an intellectual disability:
have difficulty learning, working, and caring for themselves
have difficulty communicating
have trouble performing daily activities and functioning in everyday situations
an IQ score under 70
There can be a wide variety of causes
There are two broad categories, environmental and genetic
Environmental factors can hinder the brains ability before and after the child is born
The mother using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy
being exposed to high concentrations of lead
Genetic complications happen before the child is born and can be inherited or randomly
such as a gene being copied wrong or being paired wrong
Categories of Intellectual Disabilities
Mild Disability- majority of intellectual disabled people, IQ score in low 50s to low 70s (roughly 53-70), educable (ability to be educated), able to participate in some regular classes with some special education
Moderate Disability- IQ score of roughly 36-52, trainable, able to care for basic needs, work jobs at homes or in special workshops
Severe Disability- IQ score of roughly 21-35, need close supervision, ability to learn to care for basic needs, limited communication skills
Profound Disability- IQ score below 25, custodial, remain at mental age of baby or toddler, constant care needed
Make sure parents are more educated about the risks of drinking alcohol, being exposed to radiation, and using dangerous drugs can increase the chance of an intellectual disability
The treatments are also more affective if they can be diagnosed at and earlier stage.
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