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Elizabeth Glaser

No description

Jennifer Sobral

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Elizabeth Glaser

Jenny Sobral
Surgi So
Wanho Lee Elizabeth Glaser’s Democratic National Convention Speech of
1992 Background information of
Elizabeth Glaser • Elizabeth Glaser was a major American AIDS activist, child advocate, and was married to an actor and director, Paul Michael Glaser. She got AIDS by a blood transfusion that was infected with HIV. She had a son and a daughter that was both infected because she breast fed them. The daughter’s name was Ariel and the sons’ Jake. Ariel died at a young age of seven. Elizabeth cofounded the Elizabeth Glaser pediatric AIDS foundation and funded the pediatric AIDS drugs.  
• She gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1992 and she criticized the lack of funding and initiative to take
down the AIDS crisis. Summary Elizabeth Glaser is talking about the problem with AIDS, HIVS, and STDS. She says she has personal experience since she has AIDs and her son does too. She is very urgent about the situation and is trying to persuade everyone to take charge and start caring for others and about the virus. She thinks the leadership in America is just being greedy and selfish which she is trying to change, but through all of this she has hope that America will live up to what is was a long time ago for people who needed a new start and a place to find hope.  Elizabeth is persuading others by giving stories about her daughter that died at the age of seven because of AIDs. She wants her dream to become a reality and challenges the people like the democratic party and everybody else at the hall to do something about it because, it’s not about just her life but everyone else’s in the future that depends on it Key rhetorical strategies Rhetoric Video Was the Argument Successful? Exigency / Issue: AIDS
Audience: Democratic National Convention
Purpose: To get America's leaders to become more involved with not only AIDS but health organizations.
Organization: Emotional appeal about her sons death and how her daughter and herself got AIDS, ethical appeal with Americas discrimination towards many people, and logical appeal stating that her AIDS care costs over $40,000. Pathos: Story of how she got AIDS and her sons death.
Logos: Cost of her AIDS care.
Ethos: United State's leaders are not caring enough, they're selfish and greedy
Tone: Serious, and concerned. She wants to reach out and see if she can touch any leaders of America to reconsider their actions, and help out with health care.
Concession to Opposition: "I believe in america, but not a leadership that talks about problems but is incapable of solving them."
"I believe in America, but not with a leadership that doesn't hold government accountable. Visuals Stern facile expressions. Serious face and no smiles. This shows that she wants the audience to take her seriously and that this issue is important to her. • YES
Although some may disagree with her opinion on her view of America and the leadership. The video you are about to see starts off with The emotional appeal. Look at the expression on her face, how serious and grim she looks.
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