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Quality Control Lab Protocol

No description

Jimmy Norman

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Quality Control Lab Protocol

B.A.R. (Brix, Acidity, Ratio) Test
Purpose: The B.A.R. of concentrates are the central focal points in product analysis performed at Peace River Citrus.

Place 200ml beaker on scale and tare to 0.
Weigh 10g of concentrate into beaker to obtain sample.
Add sample to Refractometer and time for 1 minute to find uncorrected Brix.
Place sample onto stirrer,mix, and wait for monitor to display ready, then record PH level.
Start Titration by allowing the Sodium Hydroxide to fall into sample from Buret.
When monitor indicates a PH 8.20, record level on Buret.
Multiply recorded level by .02 to obtain percentage by weight of Acidity.
Take Acidity data and cross reference number to obtain Acid corrections.
Add Acid correction data to uncorrected Brix to obtain corrected Brix.
Find ratio by dividing corrected Brix by the Acidity data.
Quality Control Lab Protocol
Introducing Testing Procedures
Good Luck!
Equipment Used For B.A.R. Test
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