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Using Prezi to build knowledge collaboratively about Flipped Classrooms!

Each student will contribute to building a knowledge base about this topic. Up to 10 people can work on it simultaneously!

Terrie Shannon

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Using Prezi to build knowledge collaboratively about Flipped Classrooms!

Each student will add a link to a website or video to SHARE something they learned about flipped classes.
Pick an empty circle and insert your video or link to article or website. Please include a sentence about the FOCUS of the resource you are sharing.
Be sure to add your
to your slide.
What can we learn TOGETHER about "Flipped" Classrooms?
Example added by Terrie

This shows some adv
This link shows an infographic of what a flipped classroom is, how it came to be, what's driving it, what it looks like and the results from teachers who have tried it!
–Meghan Douglass
I really liked this video because first it is from teachers from Eden Prairie, MN and that just shows that school all around us are making this switch. I also like that the teachers are actually talking and telling us their experiences and how this switch is going for them. At the end you see the students really come how and tell us how they are liking this and it is very interesting to see what everyone is saying.

Paige Olson
I LOVE this concept! I can't wait to talk to my director about it! I was amazed at the statistics that I found on declining failing rates!
Tara Lere
Here is a video that helped me understand the flipped classroom! Enjoy
-Brienna Gillanders
I found a superhelpful page on TechSmith about the flipped classroom:
The article talks about what the flipped classroom is and what the benefits are. It also gives links to other sites for further research.
I just love the idea that there are thoughts about how to change our education system.
-Christine Nehring
The video explains how lectures are not ideal for students to learn and that teachers need to FLIP their classrooms. The video then explains how to go about the Flipping of one’s classroom.
Abby Leif
I found this article that lists some of the best website tools to use for a flipped classroom! Some of these we have even learned about in this class! They will be very useful and seem easy to use. -Alex Guinn
This video is about a fourth grade teacher who uses the flipped classroom for math. She uses the computers in school instead of at home so there is not a digital divide.
-Katie Fuoss

The Article explains in great and simple detail what the flipped classroom is and how well it is doing in the school systems. It gives great statistics explaining the positives of this teaching approach. -Kaydee Bohanon
I found this article that talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the flipped classroom. I think it was very helpful because it's not a one sided article, it talks about the positives and negatives equally. This article is also really easy to understand and read.
Katelynn Randall
This is a video introduction to a classroom. The teacher explains to parents how "Flipped Classrooms" work and how they are successful. Take a look for yourself!

-Samantha Lanners
This video talks about what a flipped classroom looks like and I really enjoyed how they explain it and list the benefits of the flipped classroom.
-Danielle Wold
This video is being shown by a science teacher. He is showing how a flipped classroom helps his students learn. Having them learn things at home, gives them more of an opportunity to apply more science in the classroom. I really like this idea and I feel that it engages the students more and gives them an opportunity to really "see" science.

Brittany Lovro
This article talks about the basics of flipped classrooms: how they work, how to use them, who should use them, etc. I thought it was very helpful to get background knowledge about this up-and-coming technique.
Larissa Giebner
This is an article of Bill Nye "The Science Guy" talking about flipped classrooms.
-Shayla Rust
Molly Hessian
This is a simple video that explains the basic concept of the Flipped Classroom Model. I liked this video especially because it showed the perspective from both the students home and the classroom.
This is a video about three teachers who learned how to create a flip classroom.

-Sabrina Mansur
I thought this was a good visual for the pros and cons of a flipped classroom. I got it from the website: http://www.theartofed.com/2013/05/29/will-you-flip-for-flipped-teaching/

- Hanna Bornetun
This is a great video that talks about how flipping classes can be used in a very successful manner. I really enjoyed this video.

Thank you
Halrey Hazel

This article tells a little bit about what a "Flipped Classroom" is and some of the benefits from having one. I like this idea because it gives more one on one time with the teacher which is what i think students need more of.
Nick Farber
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